Economic Benefits Attributed to Csr in an Organization

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For example, the issue climate change is attributed to large companies and the poor living standards of employees are associated with business irresponsiveness. But it is hard to point out specifically the major culprits it is indeed clear that several corporations continue to benefit from deteriorating social welfare and global environment. Corporations that intend to adopt a CSR framework can take responsibility for protecting the society and the environment. My research question, therefore, is to find out the economic benefits attributed to CSR in an organization. My research outline is to find out appropriate sources using select key terms, write an annotated review based on five identified sources, emphasize my research question and relate it to the company of choice. Twenty-First Century Society, 1(1), pp.

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In this article, the author refutes Milton Friedman’s definition of CSR that the social responsibility of companies is to make as much profit possible for stockholders. He argues that companies must understand that they are part of a society and all their decisions and actions have consequences. Therefore, the role of a company is to make profits by offering healthy, safe, and legally approved products or services. While seeking to fulfill the above motives, they can extend and offer social services to build their reputations. I find it ideal because it shades light on the topic as well as showing how the framework has been integrated into some organizations. Barkay, T. Employee volunteering: Soul, body and CSR. Social Responsibility Journal, 8(1), pp.

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The researcher investigates the intra‐organization dimension of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in Coca-Cola Company. Businesses now use institutionalized CSR program and promotional CRS programs to stabilize and gain more power in markets. Business will use CSR to gain stability after crisis as well as attract the best employees. More so, businesses build a reputation and in the process attract several consumers using CRS programs. This paper is ideal for my research because it analyses how companies have integrated CSR in today’s structures to succeed in today’s competitive environment. Carroll, A. Case-study Selection/Research plan: Toyota is a global automobile industry that must play a significant role in as a far as corporate social responsibility is concerned. In this case, I choose Toyota because I need to understand how the company has integrated CSR into its organizational strategies.

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The research study will be done through a combined qualitative methodology of interviews with Toyota employees, managers, and even the owners. I will approach a select number of managers and employees on specific levels of the organization, attend some company events, and assess secondary data on the company website. The specific task is to collect data using questionnaires, interviews, and secondary sources and find out how the company has benefited economically by integrating CSR into its operations. Thirdly, in this case, I seek to understand how Toyota continues to impact the lives of people across the globe. The company generates huge profits annually and ought to provide support to local communities within its factories and communities. Support to communities is not often a requirement, but more of an appreciation returned to the community.

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