Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Social Networks in Business

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The content shaped by the Social Media encompasses a fresh-produced source of the information, which is available to suit consumer thus creating a platform for product marketing. Example of social media sites, which have greatly contributed to product marketing, includes Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Digg, Google+, Digg, and LinkedIn among other sites. “The use of these social media platform in Marketing as a common trend has both associated merits and demerits. ” (Hill, Moran, 2011) Project Objective To identify and critically examine the advantages and disadvantages of network in business Project Scope The project will include an examination of the advantages and disadvantages of using social media network in business activities. The effects of the most commonly used sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google will be analyzed.

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Other equally significant sites in social media marketing include Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google. These sites vary in structure, but they all provide a platform for firms and businesses to interact with the target groups. Apart from these sites, Stelzner (2014), and Atwong (2015), provides several channels falling under social networks with different merits and opportunities concerning marketing. Co-operative projects which include format able sources of data and wikis are a source of information to consumer population. Blogs, for instance, are highly applied in social media sites as a form of marketing. Additionally, people are more considerate to information provided online, and they engage in sharing information such that it reaches many people. Social media sites have over time rose to be the most common internet destinations.

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Targeted market advantage is one benefit of social media. This refers to marketing that directly aims at consumers based on their subscriptions. These advertisements relay specific information which the customer requires. Additionally, promotion of a product, brand or service is capable of implicating its privacy, data security and trust issues. Negative feedback occurs as a challenge to businesses. In social media, consumers play the role of advertisers. The consumers can thus create either negative pressure on the company's merchandises and services offered to the customers. The evaluations, tags, and images on the product created by the consumers are important for the customers who are making purchase choices online. How does the use of social media influence businesses negatively? Research Design and Methodology A descriptive approach will be applied in integrating the requirements of the project.

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The project will be carried out through a survey. The survey will include identification and classification of different business types to ease the process of enterprises identification. The methodology of this project is to use both qualitative and quantitative research analysis to determine the effect of social media in business enterprises. Qualitative research Random sampling will be used to determine the samples, but stratification will be applied and based on the type of venture. The questionnaire and the interview will be conducted to determine the employees’ acuity of social media marketing. This model will be impossible to encompass all aspects and changes occurring in different companies, and hence validity will be done through comparison of responses in similar companies. Additionally, employees will be requested to provide factual information based on trends and not personal ideas.

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These two employees act as the representatives of the company. The data will be analyzed in groups of ten companies to determine the validity of the results. Again, the information on interviewing is based on a personal opinion, and at times this may lack factual support. This may result in aspects of unreliability (Stelzner, 2014) The project also encompasses various social media sites which may not have the same impact on the different companies. Some sites may be unreliable in some enterprises and hence provide a notion of negative influence. Bias is also a challenge in this project. Many employees consider their time very productive to waste it on interviews and questionnaires. A social media practicum: An action-learning approach to social media marketing and analytics.

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