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An institution or an organization must come up with a clear and solid plan for implementing their desired Technology to yield the desired outcome. Process for implementing change may include: Implementation is alluded to as a decision-making activity which translates an idea or a concept into a reality. Implementation plan for integrating the process automation technology chosen This is the representation of a given project in a structured format. This contains how the implementation process will be carried out. And also the expectation of the new technological automation system regarding its output and how it’s either going to improve service provision Goals that the plan supports Efficiency: The plan has to offer efficiency and do the best work more than the current form of working that is more of manual.

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Start with the problem, not a solution. Focus on the problem that led to the coming up or purchasing up of the automation program. If the challenges exist, get deeper and dig for the solution. Bit size pieces Breaking of the process into tiny possible parts in that all the steps that are candidate automation are identified. This helps in creating a visual map of all the steps to communicate all the changes need to make into the process. The organization has to focus on the organizational change that is focused on improving the services of an organization. Resistance: most of the employees tend to receive change with some resistance. So before communicating ensure to plan well in that they can be convinced.

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For this to be done away with, the possible source of resistance has to have to be counteracted in ways that the employees can feel certified. These ways include educating them, participation also negotiation and support. Stakeholders This is a person or an organizational body that has interest in a business. There are several stakeholders that are attached to an organization. Stakeholders that will need to be included Volunteer Income Tax Assistance has the following stake holders. The government which is the main stakeholder offering regulation that guides and govern the whole tax revenue process. There are also the taxpayers. Specified needs: This is the translation of the stakeholders need to represent the supplier’s views. Realized needs: These are the products and services or the enter prized reality How to ensure that the potential needs can be met going forward Collaborating with the needs of the stake holders and more so negotiating on how everything has to be undertaken.

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They also play an important role in the company’s prosperity, and they cannot be ignored. Guidelines or codes of ethics are relevant to the new technologies and the recommendations of ensuring ethical compliance during implementation and use of the new integrated systems. IT personal mostly do access data that is confidential and personal information. After the system has been assessed, a risk management plan is developed. This involves accepting of the whole system, transferring the risks and also detection and response towards the threats. Tools such as firewalls and antiviruses will have to take the most important part of the security of data (Delone et al 234). Use of backups to store the information, training of the employees on awareness of security issues and more so organizing an individual dedicated to response team to computer emergencies or the computer security incident team.

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Recommendations for ensuring legal compliance for the implementation and use of the new technology Compliance means accepting the rule, policies and given specifications. Limiting data access This is enabled by limiting the number of employees who have access to the organization's information. In most cases, even the company executives are not aware of the individuals or employees details. It should be determined on what type of data will employees access and which ones not to access. This is the primary move of data protection within an organization. Identify sensitive data. All the above-highlighted measures must be adhered to. The whole process requires some bit of risk-taking. For instance for the case of adoption and implementations of the new technological systems. The cohesion of the company is the vital factor for the prosperity and quality service provision.

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