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Purposely, the symbols adopted for advertisements elicit the need in consumers to try the product or continue consuming it. Moreover, it purposes to attract and retain customer loyalty. Notwithstanding the product capability, producers aim at focusing on convincing the market about the inevitability of the product in actualization of their needs. In this paper, we shall focus on the ideologies postulated by three contributors; O’Neill, Baumgartner and Lutz to advertising language and how they envisage its inevitability as well as specific approaches that are effective according to their respective perspectives. The viewpoints under focus will include the attractiveness of the message, the power of words as well as ethical questions that drive advertisement. O’Neill, a consultant in the advertisement practice exposes the huckster language and its influence on the brand utility.

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The author identifies the impetus of verbal and virtual advertisement language. The meaning of advertisement is about the symbols, images, combination of words and purpose which he argues must not be factual but premised on increasing sales. In his analysis, advertisements are seen as repetitive, simple, attractive and rich in positive positions about the product. The symbols and words create meaning in themselves to customers. He argues “techniques is to take advantage of everyone’s desire to be attractive…plainly the answer is sex. ” The position illuminates the language as geared towards sexual anecdotes in the society which people consider as inevitable. However, Lutz draws no line about the attractiveness of the message but rather on the unethical persuasion upon which the advertisement language is defined and spread to customers.

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