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" Air Creebec registers scheduled flights regularly and also runs freight as well as charter services to approximately 30 destinations located in Quebec. Air Creebec was created in 1982 and Cree had 51 percent shares whilst “Austin Airways” owned 49 percent. Creebec became the Air Creebec officially was owned by Air Creebec in 1988. Thus, the goal of this paper is to critically evaluate information regarding Air Creebec Company and consider the reason why the company needs to expand globally. The study will involve a SWOT analysis of the company and talk about its target in the US market and some of the marketing mix in the new market. It offers its customers the option to fly or switch planes as long as one reaches his or her destination without any form of distress.

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Reliability is yet another important factor that makes the company effective it service delivery. This is based on the fact that the company has a reputation for its flights arriving on time, safely, and with satisfied customers (Air Creebec, 2018). Based on the weakness of the company, Air Creebec suffers some disadvantages in relation to its flight services. For instance, the company suffers from cases of high spoilage rate on their aircraft. Thus, with a well-established link to the United States, the company has the potential to grow past its current level of operation based on the number of opportunities it will be exposed to. The company has something to compete after and the US is a large market to sustain the growth of the company as well as offer stability (Amgren, 2014).

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The fact that the company is capable of offering effective airline services gives it an advantage of growth in the event that it expands its market share to the US. This is based on the fact that the staff is focused on offering their customers the best travel experience based on their desired destination. Thus, offering flight services to the new market will require an adjustment in the charges that apply to various locations located in the US (Londre, 2018). The company can as well apply the psychology pricing that involves encouraging customers to respond based on emotions as opposed to logic. The aim of this strategy is to create an illusion of an enhanced value in order to get customers hooked on their services.

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In order for the company to effectively make an impact as a competitive airline company that moves passengers from Canada to the US and Vice versa, it essential that the organization applies various promotion strategy in order to boost their brand awareness. One of the ways to achieve this is through the use of branded gifts that are presented in form of promotions in order to expose the business to a large audience (Perri, 2016). The other effective promotional strategy is to use charity as the cause while supporting the brand. Several Concepts, Terms, and Useful Definitions Help Explain and Aid in the Understanding of Marketing and Related Activities, including Marketing Concepts, Marketing Objectives, Strategies and Tactics, Marketing Mix (4P's), and the Nine P's (9P's) of Marketing.

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