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The investment has eyed another location in North America to supplement the existing Seattle headquarters. This report is based on the initiative announced by the entity itself. The initiative was accompanied by a couple of request for proposals for economic development institutions and governments on the year 2017 September. Over two hundred the United States, Mexican and Canadian cities have been attracted by the offer. The giant online company targets more than fifty thousand workers at their second headquarters. Toronto is rated as one of the best cities in not just Canada but North America. The city has a lot of enticing qualities which will keep the company’s interest intact. Being the fourth biggest city in North America, Toronto has numerous facilities that satisfy the current population of over 7.

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8 million. This is definitely a bigger community that is prepared to host hundreds of thousands more; be it tourists or workers (www. 4 billion dollars Employees compensation 25. 7 billion dollars Amazon’s staff and guests number of annual visits and hotel nights The year 2016 (233 000) The amount in dollars compensated to the public transportation system of the city as city’s employee's benefit 43 million dollars Indirect Investment and Employability Extra jobs made in the city due to Amazon’s direct investment 53, 000 Extra investment in the surrounding economy due to direct investment by Amazon 38 billion dollars Rise in individual income by non-Amazon workers due to the direct investment by Amazon 17 billion Dollars Others The rise in fortune five hundred entities with engineering and/R7d centers in the Host city From seven in the year 2010 to thirty by the year 2017 Entrepreneurship The company allows small businesses around the locale to develop and exhaust the opportunities provided by the digital economy.

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In the year 2017 alone, over one hundred thousand small business made more than one hundred thousand dollars in sales made through Amazon. Also, more than two billion products were shipped to customers around 185 nations around the world. This was done on behalf of the small businesses utilizing Amazon’s web platform. Workers and Impact the Community Amazon has over five hundred and forty thousand workers globally. All the employees from senior officers down to the hourly associates access similar benefits. Among them are parental leaves, generous health benefits and innovative programs such as “Leave Share and Ramp Back”. The organization is ranked top as the fasted company and most innovative, number two as globally most admired company, second on corporate reputation by Harris Poll’s survey, and second on United States Linkedln.

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It was also in ‘Military Time’s Best For Vets” list of organizations with a commitment to offer opportunities for veterans (Parilla, 2017). For example, monies that were to be used in relocating the homeless could be used on other projects like improving the infrastructure and building schools and hospitals (Parilla, 2017). How Toronto’s Environment Getting Affected in Terms of Sustainability The company is laying its scale and culture of the invention to focus on protection and sustainability of the organization. The company’s innovation on packaging such as ships in their own containers reduced over fifty-five thousand tons of additional packaging in the year 2016. Amazon is one of the biggest users of renewable energy in the U. S. There must also be ample business atmosphere for consistent hiring and innovation for the sake of the clients.

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Toronto happens to be qualified for all the specifications. Nevertheless, there is a lot of pressure from other competing companies and provinces who want to leap the benefits that come along with this opportunity. It has been rumored that some states and governments are trying to corrupt the way to winning the proposal. Corruption is an illegal art and no government that is committed to moving their state forward economically should get involved in such kind of activities (Berkes & Gaetani, 2018). Moreover, the talents that Amazon cannot absorb would be taken by other small entities, hence boosting the city’s workforce. Also, the presence of Amazon might result in a surge of more tech and service companies that would use Amazon’s presence as a positive indicator of the city’s ability to be an alternative tech hub to San Francisco or Seattle.

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Nonetheless, the direct benefits of Amazon’s presence in Toronto will be the extra workforce which will boost the local economy and further increase revenue in terms of taxes to the city’s administration. However, the biggest challenge might be the possibility of an increase in the cost of living as it has been witnessed in cities like San Jose considering the increase in demand of local resources which might negatively affect the low-income earners within the city. Recommendations As most people in Toronto including the mayor continue advocating for the idea, Toronto as a whole should cautious of the project. If Amazon is convinced that majority of the small businesses and retailers are will to sell their products with them, it can further increase the prospects of the company investing in Canada.

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