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Its hardware products are smart speakers, wireless earphones, digital media players, smartwatch, iPod, Mac computer, iPad tablet, and smartphones. Its software includes iTunes player, tvOS, watchOS, iPadOS, iOS, macOS and many more. Some of the online services are iCloud, Apple Music, and iTunes store. It is among the big four technology corporations and its popularity is attributed to the provision of quality products, competitive human resources, and marketing strategies (Aljafari 407). This term paper gives an analysis of Apple Company by focusing on its professional presence, how it promotes interpersonal and intercultural relationships as well as its process of communication management. This makes someone develop a feeling of confidence even when he/she knows that is not equal to the task. The success of the Apple Company is attributed to the level of confidence that was created by its founder since it entered the market.

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The company remains confident of its success if when its sales are dropping. For instance, although the firm recorded a 5% drop in its annual revenues during 2017/18FY, its CEO issued a statement on January 2019 saying that its future remains bright and despite its financial downturn, the firm was not going to change its position and adopt anyone’s (Bradshaw). Such a statement by the leader involves poising power even when he knows that things are not working normally. Building strong relationships with the stakeholders guarantees their loyalty to the brand. Apple Company has been focusing much on building relationships with its customers and employees. The firm has adopted a customer relationship management strategy in the customer service sector for almost ten years.

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This involves sending emails to its customers and assessing their feelings concerning its products offered on different outlets. In every retail department, the company ensures that its consumers have experience instead of only making purchases. According to Apple, “it is an opportunity for wealth creation that you will have a nice retirement if you can reach your own individual accomplishment” (Admin n. p). The firm relies much on this in building interpersonal relationships with its employees. Also, firms can adopt other strategies in building relationships with employees such as adversarial, traditional, partnership and power-sharing strategies. Apple Company has adopted a power-sharing approach in relating to its employees. The most important principle of communication management is a shared responsibility, meaning that every leader should be a communicator.

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Another principle is a proper focus on workers as audiences and customers (Young and Post 33). Sometimes poor communication management may result in miscommunication or even disasters that may incur the company a lot of costs or even lose customers in the long run. Apple Company decided to develop a new communication process after an incident that occurred at the Foxconn factory where one of the employees died. The employee committed suicide outside the plant and after conducting investigations it was found that the main cause was poor communication management from the senior management. This helps in ensuring that everyone feels valued and can report any disputes to the senior management without reporting directly to the supervisors who may distort the message to suit their own interest.

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