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Organizational behaviour is the study of the behaviour of human beings in an organization setting, how they interact with each other and the organization itself. Studying the three concepts is important but they are interconnected. Indeed, studying the organizational behaviour can involve only reviewing the behaviour of the employees including the Chief Executive Officer without considering the organization as whole. However, the organization may influence the behaviour of an employee hence understanding an organization is equally important. In other cases studying the organization only is possible but its activities are largely influenced by the employees. ENVIRONMENT INDIVIDUAL HUMAN THE INDIVIDUAL BEHAVIOUR ORGANIZATION IN INTERFACE ORGANIZATIONAL SETTINGS ORGANIZATION Apple Company Organization Behaviour Apple Company was started in 1976 by three people namely Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne.

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The company was later incorporated as a company after three years while launched its first offer to the public in the year 1980. This was the beginning of its success since the offer made the company to acquire a lot of working capital. The company is widely known for its innovation and success in the fields of software and hardware especially in mobile phone and computer technologies. Its success has been coupled with great awards in innovation and people management while boasting a top list of the most admired company in the world. Hence four cultures exists in most firms including Apple Inc. Tough guy culture is usually found in firms with high innovation where the management has to take high risk with low levels of team work.

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The firms are characterized with the cycle of boom and bust. Work hard play hard is another culture which enables workers to carry low risk actions with a value to feedback. High sales volumes with satisfied employees are experienced in such culture. The overall results are short chain of command while communication between employees is fast. These short commands and fast communications make innovation and empowerment of the workers easy. The control and coordination are made easy while implementation of policies is fast. These has made apple to be known for its fantastic product designs and fast innovations. However, these make leadership after a change to have detrimental consequences with fitting to the strategic structures being hard. O of apple Steve Jobs is such a leader who is charismatic with great ideas especially due to his strong passion in innovation and motivation.

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He is a leader who is transformative with his ability to influence employees being a core trait he boasts of. Overtime, he has been able to motivate employees in order for them to achieve highest levels of efficiency with his energy, persuasiveness and personality being key traits that have contributed to the success of Apple Inc. His leadership style being transformational; he has been able to use his powers to induce changes while doing away with old ways of doing things. He installed to the employees the concept of each and every of them coming up with unconventional products by encouraging entrepreneurship. Despite that Apple uses the threat of not rewarding and even termination of work in order to make the employees to work towards its aims.

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The company thus follows the Theory X which encourages authoritarian management style. Work Hard Play Hard Style Apple is determined to achieve its objectives and in order to achieve that it usually employs hardworking and committed people. The Deal Kennedys model describes work as fun with actions and individual efforts being enjoyable. However, the model faces a challenge since being in office for long does guarantee working hard a culture adopted by apple towards its workers. Nonetheless, the company has not followed all its values since it maximizes its profits without considering employees work life balance. Secrecy Businesses should use their resources in actions that increase profit as long as it is within the required rules. In contrast, apple works under closed business information policy.

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