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One such way is through, discounting, which is a potent approach of increasing sales because it helps in not only attracting a manifold of new customers the company might have never found before but also maintain its traditional consumers. Pros and Cons of Discounting as a Form of Marketing Strategy Discounting is a major way of attracting a plethora of consumers due to the fact that many people like the idea of saving while purchasing commodities. In this case, if ‘Home Plus' maintains this marketing strategy, it may continue attracting more customers. The results might, however, be highly effective if the store in question, stresses that they only have a few days left on the discounted consumer goods (Boonghe 195). Reason being, shoppers are more likely to rush in and look around if they know they have few days left.

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This approach may lead clients to say nice things about the business thus contributing to increased sales. In contradiction to the above advantages, many may argue that discounting is not a very effective method to counter competition. It is imagined by some marketing strategists that once you lower the price of a commodity it may, in turn, lead to a downward spiral, such that consumers will expect the same value of the commodity to remain the same and if not hold until the business offers another special. Lower perceived value of a product is also another perception that businesses may have when it comes to discounting. On the basis that most people value a product or service based on its price.

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