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S. faces, they are vital in leading people into contributing or building or proposing new alternatives that can shape the U. S. The writers of the book strongly propose that the U. S has to use a different strategy when it comes to international relations and diplomacy and that is maintenance and respect of the core principle of national sovereignty. 1 Bush made it clear to the world that terrorism is also a threat to the countries that were supporting the group to attack another country which is why the nation state have to decide to embrace realism and more multilateralism. 2 However, this will have to start with a single nation state owning its role of protecting its citizens against external and internal enemy because it is one of the major functionality of nation states in the first place.

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Only then will the citizens, non-state actors and other international actors stop supporting insurgents, terror groupings or any other group or even individual that purposes to undermine the integrity of a nation state. According to the authors, the U. S. In the highlights described, the U. S. currently faces four main challenges including: what and who to concentrate on- non-state or state actors or super-empowered people or near peer competitors; the fact that the non-peer enemies- self-ascribed Islamists are more familiar with the U. S. than the U. S. can pick up its broken pieces from the former attacks it has suffered and at the same time maintain international peace without having to police the other countries to protect its national interest.

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In the current U. S. , it is still unclear what the U. By stating this, the authors advocate that the U. S. should define its foreign policy based on its autonomous position as a nation state. This means that the U. S. to embrace as a new strategy, it is not feasible since that ship is sailed with the dynamic of globalization. Many countries have already embraced westernization in terms of education system, culture (dressing, food (junk), songs, dance, and religion among others). Therefore, by saying that every country should be by themselves, it means that the culture of the U. S. should not be preached in other nation states, which is not functional currently since this has already happened. S.

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plays a vital role in wiping out the terror group ISIS in Iraqi war. Another important example is the U. S. military funding of East Africa countries such as Kenya in the fight against terrorism group in Somalia- Al Shabaab. at times and other times, it may not. For example, in the mid-1990s, the U. S. use of military in its foreign policy was successful as it brought peace in Balkan and Bosnia regions. However, the country suffers its failure to bring stability in the Middle East, a region that has posed a national security threat to the U. S. needs to own its responsibility of protecting its citizens and its territorial boundary and understand that the same functionality applies for other countries.

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