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The paper clearly sides and gives reasons for its stance that, yes there was a quick response. After the two brothers decided to attack the Americans for well-known reasons to them, departments like Red Cross from Boston made an immediate response to the matter enabling communication. Other bodies to manage security management issues in Boston came in and helped through various ways majoring in communication. The two untimely terrorists were taken to caught and in their defense, said that they were bombing on a light note, not because they were religious. After the caught considered the fact that the brothers were protecting Muslims from Americans, Dzhokhar was sentenced to death jail term. Efforts were made to save the people from the abnormal attack and later decisions were on looking for the terrorists.

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Dzhokhar was found hiding in a floating boat and shot, having an injury (Haddow, 2017). After this, the suspect was taken into custody. Dzhokhar gave his words as they were not connected to any outside terror groups, but he was following his brother's ideologies of attack. He added that they were just agitated by the extremist beliefs in Islam, including the wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Also, police and medical units were dispatched to get hold of the situation. The surrounding cities offered help, with the aid of private sectors. Three civilians died and other 264 injured treated at the local 27 local hospitals (Schwab, 2016). 14 people were amputated with not less than 100 suffering from traumatic amputations due to the direct bomb attack. Boston common and Kenmore Square were places of diversion used by the police to the arriving runners after the explosion.

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It directed that people trying to reach one another through their mobile phones should do so through text messages but not voice calls. Reasons for this conclusion by the Emergency Management were to avoid the cell phones being used as detonators, and there was congestion too. The American Red Cross facilitated the communication between the causalities and their relatives. Due to the cell congestion, a helpline was set up by the Boston Police Department to help families trace their loved ones who were involved in the bomb attack (Schwab, 2016). Google Person Finder found the reason to make their portal work actively. Pressure cooker gas was used instead. The running race was an opportunistic chance for the two brothers to have their first bomb exploded.

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Dzhokhar answered the investigative personnel that they were trying to defend their Muslims from the U. S. reason behind them supporting their Muslims, was that the Americans were attacking Iraq and Afghanistan (Xu,2016). Departments that were alert acted accordingly, like the Red Cross. Scholars made their decision that the bombers made their attacks on religious background. Three people died, one police officer was injured during the encounter, and another police officer was amputated. 264 people were injured, left severed too. The bomb was toxic that the injured faced severe amputations. Although a terrorist attack is not nearly as common as dehydration, it’s important to know the simple first aid procedures. The day of the Boston Marathon bombing, many people had severed limbs.

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The initial thing to do is to check if the person is breathing. If necessary, begin CPR. The injured person should be laid down and the bleeding part lifted so as to help control the bleeding by applying pressure using clean gauze. Learning how to administer first aid is also very helpful. Being prepared simply reduces fear, nervousness, and losses that convoy’s disaster. In some cases, prior planning could lead to saving a life. Boston’s medical response to the bombing on April 15, 2013, illustrates why it is so valuable to plan for disaster.             On that day, two bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon, three spectators were killed and more than 260 wounded. The worst-case scenario is to be transported to the hospital for treatment with IV.

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