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Several programs are put in place also to make sure that defendants can convert and maintain ethical conduct. This is a vital department that protects the general society from adult offenders. For instance, there could be a defendant who has a drug problem, which can be referred to a specific program. Even if there is a particular type of supervision, the particular defendant will be expected to follow the probation conditions set out by the bench of judges or the court. The seriousness of the offense committed is what determines the method that will be applied by the probation officer. Budget Process of the Organization The budgeting process is very imperative in all organizations as they try to develop ways of achieving their missions and visions.

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The budget process is always compounded by various participants, expenditure decisions, laws and regulations, and the existing business environment. The budget planning of this department is widely influenced by the federal government and the county supervisory board. Also, whatever is budgeted by the county is always prone to adjustments during the reviewing process. The budget process and cycle are all aimed at making sure that there enough funds of running the probation operations. In 2017 the latter managed to monitor one youth and 19 offenders. The electronic monitoring team managed to collect about 14,592 dollars. Other sources of revenue include juvenile probation, camps funding, public safety funding, and the social security act. The State also provides the Probation Department with additional monies. The Juvenile Justice Crime Prevention Act, which was created by the Crime prevention act, also provides funds for the firm.

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For instance, during the 2016-2017 fiscal year, the organization received about $249, 645. The funding is based on the number of officers enrolled, and the organization enlisted about 480 officers. It is evident that the budget of this organization is directly inclined to incentives of Budget cycle Typically, the budget cycle is fundamental in governmental agencies that are supposed to use budgeting processes and is always adapted to the firm’s needs for operations. Budget cycles are imperative because they promote accountability and due diligence since past performance, financial projections and research are often documented at all stages. The budget cycle for the Kern County Department of probation is always aligned with that of the County. The board is accountable to the taxpayers and all the budgets approved should always reflect the strategic objectives of Kern County.

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On the other hand, there is the chairperson of the department who serves the purpose of being a mediator during the process of formulating of the budget. This is also the individual who is there to make sure that performance measures and proper reporting incentives are appropriately incorporated in the budgeting process. This individual is supposed to ensure that the budget of the Probation Department is appropriately implemented. This is also the person who is answerable to the Board of Supervisors. Finally, all the individuals involved in the budget-making process are well-trained and can prepare accurate and qualified forecasts. Their prowess is what makes this department to stand out tall in the budgeting process. The limitation of the budget process is that its complex to some extent and it is not always made available to the general public to evaluate.

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As part of the recommendation, it is essential for the Kern Probation department still to avail all the budgeting information to the public. Budget history Kern County probation department has been able to stand firm financially over the years because of the continuous increase in funds and revenues. Nevertheless, the budget of this department has always been keen to cut the budget for some programs. Such programs include transportation services for members of staff, remodeling of the offices, purchasing of monitoring gadgets and small capital projects. 5-year budget history and trends The department has been developing accurate budgets that have made it possible for it to fulfill its mandate to the people of Kern County. In the Fiscal year 2012-2013 the approved budget expenditure was $79, 135, 198, the revenue budget was $49, 526, 037 and that gave a net county cost of $29,609, 161.

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In the 2013-2014 fiscal year, the approved budget expenditure was $$83,886,693, the approved budget revenue was $49,777,375, and that makes the net county cost become $34,109,318. The department has nonetheless, brought in several reforms in the budgets especially after the implementation of technological programs. The improvements are there to see that all the money that is brought in is carefully used and the taxpayers can always trust the department and the count in the long run. The programs introduced must always be overseen to ensure that they do not alter with the organization culture of the department and its financial status. Finally, the department is also trying to come up with new ways of raising revenue. For instance, it is planning to build several cafeterias where members of staff and visitors can always purchase snacks and fast foods every time they are taking in the premises.

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