Business communication project Outline

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Major milestones of the project 1. Develop a business brochure- Nov 5th to 10th 2. Write PR release and select a media- 10th-20th 3. Design a negative news memo- 20th -30th 4. Create a proposal for services and products-1st Dec -6th Dec 2018 Tasks needed to accomplish each milestone Brochure The tasks that will be executed in order to come up with an attractive and informative brochure include: creating a folder that will store materials need for the brochure. The statement of goodwill will be the first to be written before conveying the negative news. Proposal for products In this segment, the message will be tailored in such a way that it will capture the attention of the potential client. Product features and benefits will be illustrated in a simple and enticing language that clients can resonate with.

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