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PROPERTY MANAGEMENT. POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS. COMPANY'S STRENGTHS, WEAKNESSES, OPPORTUNITIES, AND THREATS. BUSINESS MAP PURCHASE JOURNEY FOR THE CUSTOMERS. IMPROVEMENTS OF BUSINESS TACTICS. There are different properties that require being managed for the sake of productivity. Individuals and companies in the market are always looking for people and firms that can help them in management. The reason behind seeking a property manager is because of increased productivity and profits. There are many advantages that are linked to the hiring of a property manager. The quality of management is what determines the level of success and productivity that any business can ever command. In this way, when business is established in a potential place, the making of customers is not a big deal. It, therefore, takes hard work to do an exceptionally good job if given one by any chance.

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The customers are very good advocates of good businesses and when served in just the right. They are able to give testimonials and reviews of the people who manage their property in the best way. In real estate, for example, people who manage lands, rental houses and holdings are able to undertake several properties belonging to different people. It is also a strategy of ensuring that contact between tenants and landlords are not enhanced. Some people can be nagging and reluctant especially if they know the owner but the property manager will deal with them without fear and favor. COMPANY'S STRENGTHS, WEAKNESSES, OPPORTUNITIES, AND THREATS There are a lot of issues that surround the work of property management and some of them are positive while others are negative.

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They are positioned categorically depending on how they arise but some are helpful while others are not. In their discussion, their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats will be discussed in details (Tucker, et al 2016; Masuri, et al 2016). These firms have been offering the same services and have been recognized for those jobs. In this way, they have been able to establish their own customers with whom they have already established the good rapport with. Again, it is not very easy to take a client from one service provider to the other. It could be possible especially with promises of better services but at the same, it is good to ensure that you maintain whatever you promise lest they return to their previous service providers.

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OPPORTUNITIES There are a lot of opportunities in this business especially if the individual or the firm is able to provide the required services, chances of landing on better deals are high. This is the only way that enhances consistency and journey towards the top of purchases and sales by the customers. IMPROVEMENTS OF BUSINESS TACTICS Just like every business that requires improvement of tactics, property management is not an exemption. In property management, several tactics are a guarantee for increased sales and getting clients. One of them is an improvement of services. Services are a vital determinant of whether or not a customer will come back. , Manzini, R. , & Pellegrini, L. Introduction to the Special Issue on Intellectual Property Management: an internal and external perspective.

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