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Case study XYZ Ltd is a multinational company that sells CPUs, computer device, and software. John is employed as a low-level work in a class of entry-level software engineer at XYZ Ltd. His assignment was to assist in coding for a program for the company. He had previously worked on the other company where he had the same assignment. Apparently, his boss was very happy and encouraged by his work which he managed with a very short period of time this is because no one had worked like him on the previous assignments. He specialized in many areas like mathematics, geography, anthropology among others. He is described as the first scholar proposed the pale nebulae visible with a telescope (Williams et al, 2018).

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He argued this theory based on three questions. They include “What can I know? What should I do? What may I hope?”. Kant’s theory explains the doctrine of “mystical impracticality” which explains the difference between what we can know or understand that is experience and what we cannot. it is very hard for a human to know what is happening since they lack that knowledge to do so. Therefore, this gives us the answer to the question, “What may I hope?” Kant answers that we might have hope we believe that there is exitance of God and also our souls are immortal. This leads us to understand that God is the one who created the universe based on the principle of justice.

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On top of the above three points, Kant comes up with other contributors about philosophy. His contribution was discussing aesthetic theory, which is one of the influential amongst art critics. Descriptive variants explain that people are motivated by their own interest and they don’t need an external factor to motivate them. whatever they are doing they have an interest in it and it's behind their motivation hence performing it towards their goal. According to Bowie (2017), normative variants describe that people motivation should be externally no matter what they are doing. It believed that any work a person is doing should be motivated in order to work well (Bowie, 2017). On this normative variants, people are motivated by other benefits apart from the normal gain they will get.

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According to Rand, he argues that it is not only rational to chase personal interest but irrationally not to chase them. Some occasion maybe important to pursue them while others are not (Kirchoff et al, 2016). Further, ethical egoism is another normative theory that the elevation of individual own good is based on his or her morals. It is always good to elevate individual well and it is unethically not to promote it. This is because there may be circumstances in which the escaping of individual attention may be an ethical deed (Trevino et al, 2016). According to Bentham began, who is considered as the founder of utilitarianism, with what he well-thought-out to be a manifest emotional value. People act in based on two purposes: the quest of desire and the evasion of discomfort.

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This is what they are desiring to do and the pain they experience to come across a particular situation. Based on the above explanation, this theory is used to describe how to balance the pleasure we come across when acting and also the pain we experience. This explains the principle of utility. So, giving an excuse for he never knew about is just a mere excuse. The best thing is that he accepts that he had already done the issue but he was not aware of what he did weather was wrong. He applies the theory of egoism which he does what he thinks is good for him. He has no idea that according to ethics it wrong to use a code which has been used in a different program.

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When he was building he had a thought he was doing the best by reusing the same code and finish the program in the shortest time possible. They brought different thought to thinking about ethics that is like Jeremy Bentham brought the modern utilitarianism which explains that the maximization of utility is caused by the best action. He described utility is as a thought of thoughts and well-being entities. All these philosophers have helped many people in terms of ethics. Although some of them are not well defined the area on which they are talking about it describe enough. The egoism theory describes how people are motivated by their own interest while others are motivated by external forces. Cambridge University Press.

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