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Samuel, Harris’s father became the CEO of the firm in the year 1976. 33 years later, Harris took over the throne after his father retired. However, the industry has expanded over the years and opened plants overseas in Italy and India with an intension of becoming the global player in the industry. In spite of this industry’s vision and mission of aiming to become the chief player in the industry, there has been a great competition in the market of industrial cooling solutions as there are large players like Siemens AG, ABB Inc. and the General Electric industries. (Pratt & David, 483). On the other hand, the company too faces the challenge of capital. As we well know, it takes a pretty steep initial capital of investment to start such a company like the Cambridge Cooling systems and to manage it.

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In the today world, it requires modern facilities for them to sell and the more modernized they are the more costly it takes to produce them. In addition, Cambridge Company has and requires skilled professionals thus requiring high wages. All the same, the company has both strengths and weaknesses and opportunities and threats as well. Below is the SWOT Analysis that explores the business situations for the industry. Strengths The Cambridge Cooling Systems Services LTD has many strengths that makes it have a competitive advantage over its competitors. First and foremost, the company had a great advantage over the customized products it produced. These products were mostly used in arid and dry areas regarded as remote areas. As we well know, operating in such a business there are large amount expenses especially on the workforce part.

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For the employees to do perfect and impressing job in such companies should be well paid and their insurance and medical covers paid fully and this is upon the employer to fulfill. Accordingly, the company is too faced with the challenge of stiff competition. Having big players in the market like the General Electric, ABB Inc. and Siemens AG, the company has to tirelessly work on its products and services for it to keep up with the pace in the market. Key Decision Criteria Equally important, the Cambridge Cooling Systems Firm has to consider some variables and characteristics so as to make the perfect decision in achieving its goals and objectives. The main factors the company should put into consideration are: how to maintain or increase their income, maintain flexibility, maintain customer satisfaction, increase employee morale through payment on time and promotions, and how to increase sales or the return in investment.

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For instance, by the company increasing its sales and market share, its daily profitability will increase thus meeting their vision and mission. Also, the company will meet its objective of beating all its competitors in the market and becoming the chief player if all these factors are put into consideration. Alternatives and Alternatives Analysis For the company to achieve the goal of being the key player in the market, it can have the following alternatives. Finally, they should foster an operational atmosphere that delivers a human, ecological attitude to produce a living and living in their domain for their shareholders, workers and their customers. References Hill, Terry, and Roy Westbrook. "SWOT analysis: it's time for a product recall. " Long range planning 30.

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