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Therefore, the aforementioned competencies will be of great value to the organization. According to HRM considerations, I would advise Holiday Villa consider paying the same basic pay in both U. S and Spain. In addition to this basic pay, the caveats facing duties in Spain will dictate the level of oversees premium to be paid. There are several regulations regarding to labor laws in Spain. As a consultant, I appreciate the well informed decision. It is noticeable that Spain boasts of a vibrant culture, a history which is highly enriched with great opportunities and beautiful beaches. The beautiful beaches will boost the business. This is because there is always a high correlation between location consideration and performance of a business. As a result of this fact, the business will take advantage of tourists who will be touring the various destinations.

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For instance, foreign business organizations operating in Spain come across various regulations on hiring of payroll workforce. They are forced to abide by a complicated legal framework regarding hiring of these employees. On top of a challenging framework, they have to ensure flexibility to a changing legal environment. Therefore, as far as labor laws are concerned, multinational organizations in Spain have to ensure strict adherence and maintain flexibility. This is solely because, the legal environment is dynamic, and hence, the labor regulations are persistently revised in order to accommodate new changes in the business environment. Therefore, we should be geared towards maintaining that unity (Guash, 2018). Harmonization of human capital resources is very important. When employees are working as a single unit, the performance of the organization improves.

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Even the managers themselves need support of the junior workforce in order to deliver their best. Therefore, employees relations mean that the human capital resources of a company are well configured and they have foregone their own interests in order to serve the interests of the firm. On the other side of healthcare and safety, there are main bodies which undertake that mandate. The National Institute of Health and Hygiene at work and the Labor Inspectorate have been given responsibility to deal with occupational safety. The two facets are housed under the ministry of employment. They have been enhanced with autonomy to support and facilitate a conducive business environment in Spain. They have dual mandate social security and sanitary issues. Therefore, this has a great implication to foreign investors such as Holiday Villas.

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The massive transformations as seen in the legal environment has brought some change in the way health indicators are viewed. This new framework is formally noticeable in several areas. This areas include; management integrated prevention, Intensive worker participation in the management of health and safety issues, and orientation of companies towards efficient operation. Therefore, I will assert that there is presence of complex and complicated labor laws as well as occupational health and safety in Spain. The global economy is very competitive and therefore, with proper strategy, the business may not cope with the environment (Campos-Soria, 2018). In expatriate activity, they should give credit to the practice of benchmarking the global arena in order to design a competitive compensation and benefits scheme for the expatriates.

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