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It's prudent for one to talk in an inviting friendly manner which will move a recipient to give a response. One should avoid sounding confrontational, emotional or complaining. Also one should be in the habit of using phrases like "please, sincerely, thank you, best regards and we appreciate. Provision of practical information In this feature, one is urged to give a clear description of how something is done also explain why a certain procedure was changed. Additionally, if there is a problem one should highlight the cause of the problem and offer possible solutions. Additionally, any formal communication that requires documentation for instance employee reviews as well as policy change, will be best in written form. High level of accuracy When it comes to business messages accuracy is very important.

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Imagine sending an email that has wrong information or content, it will not only embarrass you but it is unprofessional, costly as well as time-consuming. Besides, it may even become offensive when there are errors of misspelling people's names. Therefore, this kind of message requires very high accuracy. The voice of narration acts as a conveyor of the story. This is because it is always active, applies transitions of time and space and normally concentrates on the past and present tense. Definition The work of this kind of paragraph is to define things, for instance, a term, a concept or an idea incompleteness. They offer more information on what the idea, concept or term is as well as giving boundaries. These paragraphs are very important, especially when introducing the readers to a new term or when defining a concept when writing a thesis.

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These kinds of paragraphs are tricky and therefore a writer using them must be credible and write with clarity to enable the reader to comprehend the content. Conclusion Knowing the different techniques used in the development of paragraphs is essential as it makes one come up with well-structured essays that appeal to readers and the audience at large. They also show the maturity and the skills level of an individual in this very competitive business world with a majority of competent individuals. Learning Common Phrases in the Native Language Before Conducting Business in a Foreign Country Language use is a communication issue that requires urgency in addressing because of the increase in the globalization of businesses. Language has a huge impact on our daily lives with it many functions such as expression of feelings, queries, and communication in businesses.

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When there is a language barrier, it means a lot goes unattended because of the frustrations that come along with misunderstandings. Miscommunication hinders the effective treatment of clients, therefore, harming interpersonal skills. Managers need to understand that globalized businesses are faced with a major challenge in which language background. Countries have terms that might carry a different meaning in another language which is why it is important to learn a new language. This will help incorrect interpretation of message avoiding misinterpretation (Thitthongkam, Walsh, & Bunchapattanasakda, 2011). On the other side, the native people accommodate them to their country which is an advantage to the company. References Hansell, M. L. , & Hansell, R.  U.  Exploring Writing: paragraphs and essays. McGraw-Hill. Cohen, L. , & Kassis-Henderson, J. Language use in establishing rapport and building relations: implications for international teams and management education.

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