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The company has majored in the production of total beverages all through the years. The organization operated based on the performance abilities that are described by its organizational structure through respective stakeholders. It is the world largest beverage company, (Coca-Cola Company, 2018). The organization has ownership to over 500 brands of non-alcoholic beverages that they either license or own all over the world. Understanding the organizational structure of Coca-Cola Company will help in determining the relevant strategies that can be applied in order to handle the problems that the company is facing at the moment. Therefore, in this paper, the focus will be directed toward handling an organization’s problems based on various reviews and financial statements posted by the company. Basically, analysis of the problems is based on the interventions that have to be made in order to forecast relevant solutions that can help remedy the situation that the company might be undergoing. There are five top most brands that are owned and marketed by Coca-Cola Company. These are Coca-Cola, Diet Coke®, Fanta® and Sprite®, (Foster, 2014). Since its conception in 1886, the brands of beverages that were being sold in the United States are now sold in more than 200 countries worldwide, (Editorial, 2015). The system being used by Coca-Cola Company is through local marketing and distribution of its products in order to serve its customers. The organization has a system that is comprised of the main company and the over 250 bottling partners that are located worldwide. The company, however, does not have power over the enter bottling investments since there are bottling partners who are independent and only serve coca cola based on the manufacturer-distributor agreement.

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In this report, problems being faced by the organization will be identified and solutions developed based on them, (Foster, 2014). There will be a specific evaluation plan that will be used to analyze the information extracted from the recent Form 10-K and company’s review of the year, (United States SEC, 2018). Organizational Problems 5. There are several problems that are being faced by the organization based on the market structure, production and bottling investments as well as the workforce. According to the latest review by from the company, Coca-Cola Company has over 61,800 global workforces with the highest workforce being in bottling investments in Asia. Below are the problems that face the Coca-Cola Organization today, (United States SEC, 2018). a) Health issues related to high level of sucrose that causes dental caries and high caloric value that causes obesity.

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Digital marketing issues are based on the less than 15000 users that have subscribed to the 300 coca cola applications worldwide. Measuring how big the company is, there is the huge challenge in making sure the digital arena capped in order to direct its target-audience ads to potential customers’ worldwide. d) Employee issue that the organization is facing is the racial discrimination. The racial discrimination cases are Turedi v. Coca-Cola Co. The department will not only research the production process of the coca cola products, it will also report on how effective are the process of production being used. In order to adhere to deposit and environment legislation, (Foster, 2014). c) The health of the consumers is also a priority as far as coca cola production is concerned. The best way is to consider the health of the consumers especially during marketing, (Editorial, 2015).

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Deploying a strategic move on handling the marketing structure and technique will help in ensuring that there is a positive imprint on the message being passed on to the consumers. Through the use of formal language through an email, a meeting with the managers will be requested for the interview. Based on the planning evaluation process, the focus will be directed on obtaining information directly from the managers of the selected departments to help during analysis. It will be stated during the research that the main agenda is to establish a relative ground on how the company or rather the organization can be improved by eliminating the problems being faced, (Coca-Cola Company, 2018). Research Questions a) How effective can the digital marketing be adopted to improve the marketing grounds of the company? b) What are the measures being put in place to ensure there is the positive employment of diversification as far as the workforce is concerned? c) How is the company focusing on improving the health standers of its consumers worldwide? d) What are the specific marketing strategies that will help in handling consumers through digitalization techniques of advertisements? The specific details that need to be measured are the ability of the company to able to restructure the marketing strategies based on the technological changes that are taking shape, (Editorial, 2015).

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The measures that are needed are, therefore, to establish the ability of the organization to establish a marketing evolution technique based on the technological changes, the health measures being put in place during research and production, and how to encourage diversity in the company and all the affiliated investments of the company, (Mokhov & Ryabukhin, 2018). This model will help in influencing the stakeholders to voluntarily make decisions that will help in enhancing the company’s production. Therefore, the key takeaways areas are the production, workflow, and marketing. Further development should be directed to health and human rights development.   References Coca-Cola Company. The Coca-Cola Company 2017 Annual Review.  Investment and innovation management journal, (4), 68-72. United States SEC. SEC Form 10-K.  Coca-Cola Company.

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