Comparing two biographies of Princess Diana

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Furthermore, I shall look at the objectives of the biographies, the omissions made by the authors and how they were biased. Lastly, I will give the interpretation of Diana’s biography in both of the books. Diana is among the British royal family members who was deeply respected by the British society. She became a princess while she was married to Prince Charles. In 1975 Diana became Lady Diana Spencer when his father inherited the title of Earl Spencer. He emphasizes on the qualities that Diana had on her entire life. The entire book appears to be a report by the writer after he did an investigation on the willingness of the princess to die and her close relationship with the journalist.

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The writer also reflects on the status of the marriage of the princess. She provided information on the states of Charles and Diana’s marriage. To be specific, the writer of the book “The Diana Chronicles by Tina Brown” is trying to convince the reader of Diana’s collusion with the journalist1. Furthermore, her views indicate that Diana’s timing was not good, he claims that Diana fitted herself for a fairytale but she had nothing to wear when the emperors time and the clothes of the empire vanishes. Tina Brown in almost the entire book has used the persuasive writing style. Most of the information that Tina Browns provides in her book are her opinions and her biases. Her persuasive writing styles have included the justifications and the reasons concerning her claims.

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Tina wants to convince the reader of his views and opinions concerning Diana’s biography by providing arguments with evidence3. Through these tapes, Andrew Morton was able to explain the unhappiness and the thoughts of committing suicide by Diana. Additionally, Andrew Morton explains Diana’s betrayal. In an updated biography, Andrew Morton reveals that it was Diana’s wish that she be exposed to the public and the sites that and I quote “Obviously we are preparing for the volcano to erupt, and I do feel better equipped to cope with whatever comes on our way!” Diana wrote in a letter5. In the entire book, Andrew Morton explains his shock after watching the tapes recorded by Princess Diana. He illustrates the desperate cries of Diana for help.

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On the other hand, the book “Diana her true story by Andrew Morton” extraordinarily disclosed the internal private life of Princess Diana. The writer uses clear and actual evidence accompanied by recorded audios and videotapes which was channeled secretly by his friend from the home of the royal family. Andrew in his book included the allegations of adultery, eating disorders and the self-harming surrounding the life of Princess Diana7. The selected two books are similar in the fact that both the biographies were written on the basis provided by the journalist. Tina Brown was a journalist and an editor of different works of a journalist while Andrew Morton was secretly getting the information from a friend and he was also a known journalist.

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