Comparison of Leonardo's Madonna of the Rocks and Raphael's Madonna of The Meadow

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An excellent example of such painters is Raphael who was also able to come up with a somewhat similar version of the Madonna Portrait Madonna of the Meadow. The following are some of the similarities and differences as seen in the two paintings (Maiorino 56). Similarities Based on the artistic elements used in the two paintings, both tend to have a picturesque atmosphere as well as the background. This feature has allowed them to painters to incorporate natural landscapes to bring out beautiful sceneries which are appealing to the audience’s eyes. The two painting share similarities based on the manner in which they have both been able to incorporate similar figures to represent Madonna. The observer can gain a somewhat similar feeling as that presented in the art.

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During the Baroque era, artists made use of diagonal lines, as used in David, as a means of depicting drama and energy. this allows the audience to gain an experience of such emotions regardless of the immobility of the pyramid shape. All these features have been depicted in the various sculptures that have been aligned in the St Peter’s Square. Artists also utilized the use of an approach aimed at “depicting the fearsome moral and emotional conflicts of the story is, to Carmontelle, hopelessly shallow and conventionalized. This art piece is somewhat separate from Rembrandt, as the latter often utilizes emotional contrast in between dark and light tones to showcase the difference in the various emotions available in the pieces which are somewhat different from Ruben’s style (Metropolitan Museum of Art 56).

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The Representation of Rococo Art Using Watteau’s Pilgrimage to Cythera, And Fragonard’s The Swing Rococo art also referred to as late Baroque is an artistic style movement that was introduced in the late 18th century in the face. This style affected different aspects of art including, interior design, sculpture, literature, decoration, theatre, and painting. This form of artistry entails the use of light colors, curves, gold, and asymmetrical designs. This style also incorporates the use. Neoclassicism in David’s Oath of Horatii and Angelica Kauffmann, Cornelia Presenting Her Children as Her Treasures Neoclassicism refers to a movement in the western countries with regards to matters of theatre, literature, decorative, music, architecture and visual arts in the classical age. This move was mostly aimed at coming up with opposition to the then dominant Rococo and Baroque art styles.

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The neoclassical artistry involved the use of simplicity, symmetry among other core principles that had not been incorporated in the stated methods. In his Oath of Horatii painting, David was able to include the use of the neoclassical policies based on how he was able to use a style filled with forcefulness and drama in one piece. He depicts a central perspective which appears to be vertical to the plane of the picture. University Park, Pa: : Pennsylvania State University Press,, 1992. Print. Metropolitan Museum of Art,. Metropolitan Museum of Art [etc. The Art Quarterly.

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