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In particular reference to South America, corruption has become a significant problem that is robbing of innocent citizens their rights and polluting the moral fiber of a society. In South, America corruption is nothing less than blasphemy. Corruption has created a hazardous environment for law compliance in the region. It has become a massive threat to democracy and economic development of the region and thereby affecting the citizens. Thus, this research seeks to shed insights into the situation of corruption in South America by bringing the matter of corruption to attention. This points out how the corruption has become a national issue that is supposed to be dealt with an agency to salvage the situation in this region. Citizens of this region complains a lot about the unjust services that are overcharged for instance the case of bureaucratic regulation and the procedures to get licenses and permits face the rules that are unsolvable.

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This rule keeps the citizens off from implementing the economic activities that are beneficial and countries growth. In the countries of South America it is tough for someone to obtain documents like construction licenses, birth certificates, pay taxes, identification cards, find legal jobs and many of the services. Excessive use of these laws and regulations affects the development of business mostly for the small businesses. As a result of this, there would be a decline in the aggregate economic activities in the economy of the nation hence reducing on the total national income generation which may result to poor living standards of the citizens. Most of South America countries have started losing the necessary provision for the independent organizations and the government as a whole.

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This has mostly been attributed as a result of the respective governments failing to address some of the critical issues affecting the society and nation as a whole such as the corruption leading to regional imbalance. The high level of corruption has relatively contributed to the low-income generation amongst the taxpayers which result in the low revenue generation in the country. When the nation generates low income in the economy, the level of government activities would also be affected as well. Challenges in Tackling Corruption in South America and the Enhancement of Transparency Corruption became a substantial problem in South America, and this affected the development, as well as governance in the region. From 1994, a significant transformation has occurred to tackle corruption in the region and promote transparency, as well as accountability by South American states.

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For instance, the majority of South American nations have been engaged in signing global conventions to fight against corruption. These countries have therefore committed to promoting reforms to minimize and control corruption in the region (Husted 415). In South America, institutions like Transparency International have been engaged in advocating reforms that help in fighting corruption in key sectors of the society. The recent period has seen an increase of organizations and laws that enhance transparency, as well as accountability involving the public sector. For instance, in 2016, nations such as Chile established a law concerning public probity which hampered conflicts of interest involving the public sector. Furthermore, Guyana developed transparent mechanisms used to manage public procurement. Also, Jamaica created an integrated anti-corruption agency to carry out corruption investigations (Brown and Jonathan 280).

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There have been continuous high-profile investigations involving corruption in South America. Elsewhere some other countries in the region have also introduced new institution such as anti-corruption agency that will act as watchdog and spearhead all issues related to corruption. Although there are still high lives of corruption in South Americas, the good news is that there is hope for the reduction of corruption because many reforms have been initiated in the institutions and local places. For instance, there some reforms like the internal control of programs initiated in Colombia, Brazil has also initiated participatory budgeting, and the Dominican Republic has also initiated the social auditing programs, and Ecuador has also strengthened IRS (Nuijten et al. Although it may seem like these efforts are modest in dealing with corruption they can still play a fundamental role in addressing the issue of corruption shortly.

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