Costco's corporate strategies and the effect they have on the decision process

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Costco neither advertises nor markup its product by more than 15%. Besides that, the company never charges its members which approximately 64 million. Corporate strategy at any given organization assumes a portfolio approach to the outstanding strategic decision by paying a close attention to all business departments in order to create the most value (Hill et al. For a business to develop specific corporate strategy industries should look the manner different business that they have fit, impact each other and the main company is structured so as to optimize governance, processes as well capital. This conceptual explores Costco's corporate strategies and the effect they have on the decision process. In this, the management does not feel the change in the environment while it is taking place, it is quite less risky and the normal routines are not disrupted when the company decides to undertake it.

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On the other hand, it might lead to boredom due to the repetition of the same task (Hill et al. A co-operative strategy is defined as a planning strategy upon which two or more organizations decide to work together to achieve a common goal. Firms apply cooperative strategies in order to increase their profits through avoidance of competitions. On the other hand, competitive strategy is actually a long-term plan for a given organization with the objective of gaining a competitive advantage over its close competitors. According to my view, the best approach is the transnational one due to the fact that it makes sure that efficiency locally is taken are international (Thomas et al. Retrenchment refers to the strategy explored by a company to reduce its size or diversity in its operation.

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