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For this maintenance to be attained, social work practice theories have to be put into practice (Coady & Lehmann, 2016: Ch. The social work theories, when put in practice, will promote social change, liberating of people in order to enhance wellbeing and finally to solve problems in human relationships. In this essay, I will use the social work practices in an attempt to solve a case study where Zheng Shi and her family have issues. This assistance will be based on critically reflecting on the life course and lifespan of her daughter in an attempt to solve their family issues. Key issues and challenges of the case Firstly, as a social worker, I will use family therapy to help Hayley and her family solve their issues.

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Besides, Harm in his book, “Understanding Human Development” recognizes the family as, "social service agency in meeting the social, educational, and health care needs" of members. Besides, the fact that families and individuals face a series of challenges and issues such as trauma, distress just like Hayley and her family and therefore they have the right to call for social workers in times of distress. This implies that a connection exists between families and social work practice Coady & Lehmann, 2016: Ch. Application of the case to lifespan approach and the life course approach Therefore, in an attempt to solve these issues I will apply the lifespan and life course approaches as illustrated by Harms in his book, “Understanding Human Development. ” In explaining the two approaches, Harms recognizes human growth and development as well as experience to be multidimensional.

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Later on, at the age 16 years her life is completely affected by her father leaving her. This got her even more distressed. Harms analyses the behaviour of Hayley at her adolescence stage stating that storm and stress are natural for adolescents. He argues that some of the behaviours exhibited by adolescents just like Hayley are hormonally influenced, impulsive and unpredictable. We can as well argue that Hayley’s blogging habit seeks to establish her real identity as well as a comfort to the stressful life she is undergoing through. According to this approach, when applying it we ought to look at particular stressors, trauma as well deficits in individuals and families. This approach recognizes the fact that single incidents do have a profound influence on one’s experiences in future.

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Therefore, applying it in our case, I would say that the depression of Hayley as a result of kidnapping and breaking of their family has led to her current stubborn behavior (Harms, 2010: pp. A personal reflection on the case When I look at the issues that Hayley and her family are going through I tend to sympathize with the situation. At some point, I feel annoyed by annoyed by Zheng Shi behavior of opting for a boyfriend instead of finding how she can reunite with her husband. This could have avoided the depression and trauma Hayley is going through. Similarly, when comparing Hayley with my real life, it is normal for every teen to be rebellious to their parents especially during the adolescence stage.

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Therefore, it would be preferably better for her mother to understand her life stage and find means of coping with her behavior. Based on my own experience, I would concur with Zheng Shi that her daughter needs some advice from a family therapist like me. This will assist her from being swayed away completely into harmful deeds by the internet, peer influence and her stage of life. This would be challenging to my values since solving family issues calls for uniformity so that all interests of each client are met (Bay, 2014: pp. In the process of achieving uniformity, I would be tempted to violate some values e. g. honesty. Similarly, being a very strong conservative, I strongly hold to our cultures, morals, religion and personal ethics and in this case, at some point, I will have to violate some of ethics in a bid to achieve what is ethically justifiable and accepted in accordance to clients’ needs.

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” (Congress 2010: pp. 25) Address issues of empathy. Reasons for the most empathy with Hayley I tend to be so empathetic with Hayley because of a number of reasons. Firstly, Hayley has gone through very difficult times all through her lifespan. For example, • She was kidnapped which made her very distressed – this consequently led to trauma which was characterized by nightmares. This makes her sound inhumane hence no need for empathy. Strategies to address any lack of empathy in my future direct social work practice As I conclude, empathy is a very vital skill in social work practices because it helps any social worker to understand the experiences their clients are going through hence establishing how best they can help them (Bay 2014: pp.

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