Cyber Link Enterprises Performance Management System

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At Cyber Link Enterprises, the human resource manager has the obligation to ensure the success of the company that involves the achievement of set goals and objectives. The human resource manager uses PMS to set various strategies that would be instrumental and result in the accomplishment of the company’s planned optimum goals and objectives. Therefore, to achieve various objectives, Cyber Link’s human resource manager needs to design an ideal PMS, which will work towards assessing, rewarding and appraising employees’ work to achieve the organization’s goals. Organizational Strategy An organizational strategy can be defined as the combination of the company’s intended actions that would lead to the achievement of the set goals and objectives in the long-term. Various actions emanate into the firm’s strategic plan (Opstart, 2017).

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The campaign would mostly appear on various TV channels around news hours. The marketing strategy would enable the firm to reach out to a large population within the U. S. and without. Vision Cyber Link Enterprises believes that it is the face of the world electronic business, with marvelous and quality products. Documentation of employee performance would assist management to decide on a pay rise and promotions. Fsa. usda. gov (2009) hold that performance appraisal support employees to identify their weaknesses and strengths, thus, enabling them to improve their performance. Besides, performance appraisal also assists the company to recognize and reward employees’ exemplary work. Moreover, data collection is guided by impartial production, personnel as well as hypercritical evaluation (Hartog Boselie & Paaiwe, 2004). Hypercritical evaluations are the most available and adopted method since they have a wide range of evaluation techniques.

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At Cyber Link, performance appraisal is often carried out in the long-term. Nevertheless, some companies are beginning to adopt short-term evaluations to keep track and check employee performances in real time and implement various actions. Performance appraisal is mainly embedded in the performance management systems of the firm. (2012) maintain that the organizational factors are interrelated. Besides, engagement of employees and strong support from the internal management are equally significant. Designing of PMS processes that center on employee engagement is important achieving a higher level of performance. Additionally, performance-based culture is also another factor that influences PMS. The combination of diverse beliefs, behaviors, values, and ideologies, which are prevalent in Cyber Link Enterprises would affect the power of the organization’s relationship and response to change (Taylor and Taylor, 2013).

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Continuous progress should also be monitored through forums or meetings to adjust their strategies and recognize results. In essence, supporting the growth of employees in Cyber Link Enterprises is essential for exploring their creativity and prosperity in their mandate of serving the company. Providing support to the employees can also serve to boost their morale, which would enable them to improve their dedication and quality of service delivery. Therefore, the human resource manager is responsible for getting the best results out of all the company’s staff. Consideration While the IDP is not a mandatory requirement, the human resource manager is obligated to ensure that the employees are accorded ample time to undertake training and explore the growth prospects contained in the IDP.

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