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It calls for the survey to be developed effectively to feed the research with appropriate data that will facilitate the achievement of study objectives. This paper critiques a survey as well as identify a checklist of recommendations on the good practice of conducting a survey (Hing et al. In addition, the report will highlight its strengths, weakness as well as its applicability. The purpose of the survey to criticize was to examine the changing trends among millennials, those between ages 15-35. This report is significant in that it will be useful to novice researchers for them to produce high quality and standard work that is credible and trustworthy (Duchêne, Humbert and Coray, 2018). The two actions should have been separated into two different questions.

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The survey is inappropriately using the unbalanced scale. As witnessed in the survey unbalanced scale was used. Example of words such as Excellent- Very Good- Good- Fair to determine the level of satisfaction in customers should have been avoided (Hing et al. This represents the ratings as well as rankings of the services provided. Weaknesses • Having a high response to a survey can be challenging • The data obtained more likely to have inadequate details or in-depth knowledge of topics being investigated (Maitland and Presser, 2016). • This method is inflexible since only general questions can be asked. Recommendations Even though not entirely exclusive, the following survey tips should be considered. When the researcher is drafting the questions, the focus should be put on creating clear, simple survey questions with appropriate as well as a complete set of multi answers choices.

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Excellent questions coupled with excellent answer choices yield excellent research success (Dong, Dutordoir and Veld, 2017). • What is your race? • What is your age? • Did you vote in the last election? • What are your religious beliefs? • What are your political beliefs? • What is your annual household income? As much as most research does not support the Prefer Not to Answer (PNA) option, most respondents appreciate this non-closure alternative. Moreover, different cultural groups may react to those questions differently (Abrajano and Alvarez, 2018). In a study conducted recently, it discovered that even though U. S respondents skip sensitive questions, Asian respondents take it a notch higher by discontinuing the survey entirely. Therefore, these questions should only be asked when necessary. Duchêne, A. , Humbert, P.

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and Coray, R. How to ask questions on language? Ideological struggles in the making of a state survey.  International Journal of the Sociology of Language, 2018(252), pp. Students’ survey for assessing HE teachers’ work – advantages and disadvantages.  Educação (UFSM), 43(3), p. KELLEY, K. Good practice in the conduct and reporting of survey research.  International Journal for Quality in Health Care, 15(3), pp. Appendix Quick Millennial Survey Thank you for participating in our survey. Please answer the following questions using complete sentences. Your feedback is important and highly appreciated. What is your age? 0-10……. What kind of things make you nostalgic? People…. Which is the most economical and fastest internet provider for you? 6. How often do you go out for movies and dinner? Daily basis….

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