Effects of Computerization on the Health of the Users

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The factor that is yet to be studied is the effect of the jobs based on the computers on the operators that are separate from individuals and also ergonomic factors. This study aims at utilizing questionnaires, workplace and medical research to study the impacts of computerization. Five firms will be selected, and 500 surveys will be distributed to the employees working in the firms. An initial visit to the companies will be made, and only one of the offices in each of the firms will be chosen. In assessing the impacts of the problem on the respondents, a trained physician will offer a free checkup to the respondents to evaluate the implications of using the computers on the individuals. This research hence focuses on separating the effects of computers on the physical health of individuals from ergonomic and individual factors. Assessing the extent of stress is a difficult task since problems arise in separating the stress related to job and pressure from other sources. The other difficulty may also occur as a result of other sources of stress in work that does not connect to the computer systems. The proposed study intends to recommend solutions to the issues that are drawn from the conclusions and the results. It will help in improving the working conditions of workers who use computers in organizations. Objectives of the Research Neuman (2016) identifies three types of objectives for research including personal objective, practical objective, and research objective. Personal objective: My interest in conducting this study is fulfilling my educational needs.

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However, the purpose for favoring this subject over other prevailing choices are the interest, set off amid the examination led for study techniques module. Practical objectives: I understand that my peers, and also myself, more likely than not experienced the worry of operating for extended periods in front of PCs to submit projects and coursework. In this manner, I wish to utilize this chance not exclusively to comprehend and evaluate the literature regarding the ergonomic conditions yet additionally recommend effect of computerization in institutions including the ones involved in the study. Make relationship and data over-burden on the physical strength of users, with the attention on recognizing the most impacted body parts and separating the effects of PC overuse from ergonomic factors and individual elements. This study may likewise help lecturers and scholars in showing the related subjects and directing further research in the zone.

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Research objectives: After studying the existing materials regarding the impacts of computer use, it was identified that a lot of studies had been conducted to evaluate the effects of computers on the health of individuals. However, minimal research has been carried out regarding the effects of overusing computers on the physical health of the individuals such as assessing the individual and ergonomic factors. This study hence aims at filling the research gap. The books can, however, be considered to be a disadvantage to the study as they were likely to have diverted the attention from study areas. The Significance of the Study The preferred result of this study is to establish the effect of overusing computers on the wellbeing workers in companies. The focal point of the exploration is expected to study the impacts of PC over-use on people by confining it from different elements which may also influence the health of individuals, for example, ergonomic.

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After assessing the results from the study, body parts that are mostly affected by PC overuse, would be distinguished and suggestion would be determined and recommendations made regarding the findings to enhance the working conditions of workers in the organizations. Research Methodology This study aims at using the qualitative approach and co-relational survey to fulfill the goals of the research. Sample and sampling Sample-to-population inference will be involved in this data. This size of information is chosen to minimize the possibilities of bias to ensure that there is a factual conclusion in from the study. However, if more people are incorporated into the study, it could make the venture monetarily unfeasible. The size of the sample in the survey is hence assumed to represent the population accurately. Though the selected sample is not a representation of the entire population, it has qualities that resemble those of the size of the population.

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It is anticipated that the project may face financial implications due to training and hiring the physician, which is likely to be more expensive than estimated. It is crucial for the researcher finds an alternative source of income to cater for such a possibility. Timeline This study is estimated to take place in two weeks. The first week will involve planning for the research. This will include selecting the firms where the study will be conducted. Nilsson, B. Voss, M. The influence of VDT work on musculoskeletal disorders. Ergonomics, 38(4), 754-762. Fletcher, A. B. Tattersall, A. J. Wiethoff, M. Assessing the impact of computer workload on operator stress: the role of system controllability.

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