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They derived neurological and psychometric-based measures. The separate effects of these measures on adaptive decision-making were then tested on 103 military leaders. The results of the study demonstrated that both neurologically based-measures and psychometric-based measures impacted on adaptive decision making and caused a variance in external ratings of leaders’ adaptive decision making. The authors of the article then proceeded to discuss how the findings of their study could be used to enhance the understanding of the dynamic and latent mechanisms that underlay the adaptability and self-complexity of leaders. Identification of Used Descriptive Statistics Descriptive statistics describe or summarize data obtained from a study in a meaningful manner that facilitates the emergence of a pattern. In the research report titled “The Psychological and Neurological Bases of Leader Self-Complexity and Effects on Adaptive Decision-Making,” the descriptive statistics were presented in a table.

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The authors presented the mean of the various variables predicting adaptive decision making as well as their standard deviations in a table. The table lists all the variables with the respective mean score amongst the study participants and the respective standard deviations. How the Descriptive Statistics Added Value to the Research Descriptive statistics provide researchers with a way of describing the groups of data collected in a study. They, however, do not allow anyone; whether the reader or the researcher to make conclusions beyond the presented data. The use of the two descriptive statistics, therefore, added value to the research by allowing the researchers to summarize the bulky data and present in a more meaningful and easy to interpret form. References Hannah, S.

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