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The development of an information system can be a tricky task in the business. It may require the development of some specialized know-how and expertise. The main aim of this study is to highlight the various methods through which the business can analyze the information systems development in its system and the various factors that need to be considered by various stakeholders in the business setting. The development and the success of every business depend on the methodologies of information system applied. It is one of the major concepts that will either depict the success or the failure of the business. The involvement of the business will also act as a framework through which the information system professionals will educate the personnel in the business on various methods of handling information, the use of applicable machines and also on how to best ensure that there is a smooth flow of data within the enterprise.

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Software development has gained more and more attention in the recent past. It is one of the core developments that has become the most applied in the modern world due to the nature and the changes in technology. The various technological changes have led to the introduction of various new techniques and methods that are much needed to effectively initiate information system management. In this case, the application of software development methodologies in the process of information management has gained widespread attention and it has wholly changed the information management system sector (Project Management, 2015). In this case, all the information is captured on the software from the initial plan of the project. It also has the daily reviews in which the day to day development of the project are checked and this ensures that the project is running successfully and any hitches can be controlled and managed with ease.

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The daily reviews give feedback on how the project is running and this gives the business or the organization a clue of what is going on in the business. The application of this methodology ensures that the end product will suit the needs of the business and ensures all the core components are fully inculcated in the end project (Project Management, 2015). The viability and the success of any project entirely depend on the role that the project managers and the IT professionals play in the development of the project and how they manage the whole process. The project manager will, therefore, plan on how to achieve the goals of the project, the time frame that it will capture and also on the various tools that need to be applied for the successful running and completion of the project.

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