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In regards to geological location, fitness centers in Shanghai are suited in malls thus making them accessible only by people who go to the mall. The few amounts of fitness industries that are successful have a hard time explicitly making their clients adapt to these new practices before starting to introduce modern ways of fitness. The industry is, however, increasing due to the modernization of China and acceptance of most of the western technology ways by the locals. The campaigns for modern ways fitness is also helping in making the people choose current fitness as a choice to keep healthy. According to the China business journal, China's fitness industry is heavily growing, and it might open a chance for foreign investments.

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The assumption made is that a huge number of the centers have a cultivated cost that they do not perceive from the regular rate. In general, the fitness industry in China is gaining popularity fast, and the people are also taking in the chance the normal perception that they need to invest in their health. For example, having six packs have become a trend and not having one among the middle-class millennial gives the wrong suggestions overall. Hence, many of the clients towards the fitness centers are millennials who either through peer pressure and personal interest apt to invest in looking good and healthy. From a general point of view, the fitness industry is full of potential if taking into good consideration and handled carefully and professionally (McKay, 2012).

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The overall growth rate of fitness industry also shows that the business is capable of having more investment opportunities in the future. Business in China enjoy a lot of benefits from the government and hence, having a foreign business in China will benefit the Crunch Fitness. Apparently, the number of fitness centers in Shanghai are not able to cater for the total population, hence having this business will open more opportunities for income earning in Shanghai. The government has set laws that are supposed to protect businesses. These laws are beneficial to the companies as they make sure that the business is not exploited in any way. Also, it is essential to have a recessive business which will, in turn, serve as a stepping stone towards increasing more investments.

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Having this business in China will expand not only its ability but also its worth and include more benefits from the single business. Also, a business build in China benefits from the laws created to lead it to success. Because the business laws made in China are held to protect all the parties in business, the business will benefit primarily from it. This is because of legislation such as conceptual income and tax amount which makes sure that the company does not get manipulated or is charged more than what it produces annually. Because starting a business in China is different from starting a business in other places. The business should give itself more time to be able to comprehend the market nature and the general concept that is being drilled by the fitness industry.

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This might mean that the business sometimes spends as a startup before being entirely credible. Apparently, starting a business in China needs to stabilize, and the owners should take time in making decisions that will benefit both the company and themselves. Rushing decisions might prove fatal because the laws business laws in China have been created with conscious perception different from most of the countries. Hence the business should not only look at the advancement of the market growth because that can be altered by many factors (McKay, 2012). The company should consider aspects such as the industrial dynamics and consider the reason for each increase or decrease. Using this method, they will be able to come up with a consolidated approach in which either of these individuals is aware of what step to take next to keep the business stable.

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