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Diana. Green Weber University 1395 Evulsion St. , Dept. 1408 Ogden, UT 84408-1408 Dear DR, Green REPORT ON STARBUCKS COFFEE COMPANY Here is the assignment on the topic Starbucks coffee company. The assignment contains conclusive information regarding the topic. Additionally, the company's online community encourages its product consumers to provide suggestions about the product flavors as well as providing more ideas on how the company can improve its services to increase customer satisfaction (Lam, et al. Conclusion The use of most the most preferred social media which are twitter and Instagram has proved to be one the most influential platforms of advertising and improving the marketing strategy for the Starbucks company products. The Starbucks effort in trying to reduce the rate of child labor, and the goal of having a better-related environment is of great importance to the society.

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Recommendation From the Starbucks involvement in the social media in product promotion, it can be identified that of the company's, lack of adequate control over the company's social media platform is a major challenge. In the case of unsatisfied customers, the company experiences negative comments that can alter the company's reputation. Starbucks is one of the company's utilizing social media at a large proportion and gaining numerous benefits. Therefore, this paper will focus on identifying how the company uses social media, particularly for product promotion. Background information Starbucks coffee company was established in 1971 by three partners and its headquarters are currently in Seattle, Washington. In 1980's, the company has been experiencing a significant growth beyond the United States, and currently, Starbucks have ventured into the global markets in over more than sixty countries.

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The success of Starbucks coffee company in the 21st century makes it be arguably the most prosperous coffee chain store worldwide (Lemus, et al.  Instagram has around 800 million active monthly users while twitter has roughly 330 million monthly active users. Starbucks Facebook page currently has a whopping 35 million followers. Starbucks first made its page in 2008 and has since fought to become the 6th most popular brand on twitter right now with 37 million fans (users who liked their page).   Starbucks has been very successful gaining recognition and growing their brand over Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.  They do use the same content across these platforms, but it is all fresh and quality content. In late 2017, Starbucks introduced their very first chatbot on Twitter. Starbucks has been credited with the implementation of the very first Twitter bot for all Quick Service Restaurants (Rudy-Martha, 2017).

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This new service made it easy for customers to acquire fast responses via Twitter to any concerns/questions they had for the company. The chatbot was introduced during the Starbuck #Give Good campaign, which lasted throughout the holiday season, encouraging Starbucks consumers to spread goodness during the holiday season (Rudy-Martha, 2017). Customers were able to direct message the chatbot who would then suggest ways in which customers could spread cheer throughout the holidays (i. One of their statements posts happened in July of 2016 when Starbucks posted a photo with their #Rainbow Drinks in support of Pride (Shrivastava, 2016). Recommendations A company reputation is heavily influenced by the actions of each member, business unit and each department of the company (Morley, 2002). Starbucks is a coffeehouse chain operating in different parts of the world in an industry which is very overcrowded.

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To maintain its market share and attract more customers there is a need for the company to monitor the actions of each member, business unit and each department of the company. Since, this is the line that improves the company’s reputation. Cravens, 2006). There is need to recruit more local talent to run their business as diversity is key in improving service delivery in different regions. To improve profitability and sales margins, Starbucks needs to improve their advertisements to appeal to the millennials and expand in the developing markets in Africa and Asia which offers a potential growth avenue for the company products. They should also offer competitive prices to compete favorably with their competitors and other local outlets. There is the need for the company to adopt initiatives which have a positive contribution to the environment.

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