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The speech shaped the perception of individuals towards abuse and discrimination on basis of race and gender. She recalled watching Sidney Poitier; 91, an actor, director, author, and diplomat; being awarded the Oscar award for the best actor for his role in Lilies of the Field (1963). He had made history by becoming the first African-American to win the award. She, similarly, was making history by becoming the first African-American woman to receive the same award. Her speech called in for transparency and integrity. Those who had been stigmatized and were afraid to come clean with their twisted pasts and this hinders their success. She believes that within every woman, like their male counterparts is a suppressed ability that needs to be nortured.

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There is an implicit bias against her audience on grounds of gender, race and social status. The women in question occupy the greater population of United States of America (125. 9 million compared to men’s 119. She also responds to a question by a man in the audience who inquires for wisdom in his film school. She explicitly communicates the attitude she wants to be taken in by advising him to simply do what he loves. She recalled her time in the film school where she implicitly endured the worst of times by working harder than herself. She narrates how they slept for merely 4 hours a day. I believe she clearly portrayed sacrifice and self-drive as a key factor in changing negative attitudes and her audience applauded her for sacrifices she made and still makes.

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The specific feature that proves this is the example she uses of an African-American girl, Recy Taylor, who was kidnapped, gang-raped by six men and left blindfolded in the streets. It prepares an emotional podium for the reception of the message hence success in her conveying of her message. She uses various persuasion theories including the Social Judgement Theory (Sherif and Hovland, p. This comes in when she sites examples of people in the society to justify her point. She points out Sidney Poitier and Recy Taylor who contribute a big part in her message. She discourages young adults from doing things with a major purpose of gaining money or attention or success but rather, a sole purpose of fulfilling oneself.

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Doing what your soul came to do. This is a contradiction to the normal day-to-day believes and activities as many people in the modest society work the former. This indicates the use of active audience theory which is seen to contrast with common traditions. In my personal opinion, the message was well transmitted and understood by the target audience. I believe that this is a unique feature about her and it boosts her power in motivational speaking. She also tries not to demand anything from the audience in order to get success. Unlike some speakers who would demand too much sacrifice, hard work, commitment. name them; she only asks for you to realize your inner self. She says that the greatest power originates from within.

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