Effects of Mental Health on Homlelessness

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A homeless individual can also be an individual who has no roof on top of them at night. The United Kingdom defines homelessness as a state where an individual is in secure housing and is emotionally secure to do all their activities (Wells, 2014). The united states have recorded a unique trend in the rising number of aged individuals being homeless. This paper explains homelessness and how mental illness can play a role in homelessness. The paper also elaborates on the healthcare definition of homelessness and its importance to considered homelessness in nursing researches. It is important that they consider that they get the basic needs that include food and shelter. It is important to note that individuals who are suffering from mental illnesses have to go through serious mental problems that we cannot be able to imagine.

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They also have the brains to understand that they deserve certain social amenities at particular times and this gives them sever depressive periods (Sharma & Anmol, 2017). The communities rarely support them, as they are though that they are the ones responsible for their mental conditions. Individuals suffering from mental illnesses are likely to suffer from homelessness for quite a long period since they are disconnected to their families. Most of the incidences of homelessness have been associated with loss of loved one or broken relationships that lead to mental tortures that make people less considerate to their needs (Collinsworth, 2014). Being homeless marks the beginning of a new struggle for one to try to ensure that they shelter again. They try to find a place to sleep, ways to get enough clothing and food.

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The pressure to secure a source of survival can be very stressing to individuals who are homeless leading to worsened mental states. It is important to note that various mental illnesses might give an individual time to think of where their lives are heading to, and this might mean that they are going to have periods of depressive moods. It is important for nursing research to study the perceptions of homeless individuals when delivering healthcare programs to them since the condition of being homeless might worsen their condition not only mentally but also physically (Robertson, 2014). The state of being homeless might worsen conditions like pneumonia since the patients might not be able to get enough warmth during the day and at night.

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Some drugs also need to be taken alongside certain foods to enhance their absorption. For instance, lipophilic drugs might be taken alongside fats to enhance their absorption and distribution through tissues. Meeting the needs of homeless patients have been a great challenge to the health care providers (Robertson, 2014). Provision of the best healthcare to homeless individuals is tied to providing a welcoming environment for them (Ramirez, 2017). They are likely to follow the medical procedures provided to them only if the find out that the environment in the hospital is welcoming. In case of mental illnesses, the homeless individuals are likely to accept the treatment procedure on them only if the medical personnel that attends to them accept them for who they are.

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