Electronic Health Record Improvement Proposal

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The result of such high integration of patients’ information has in many times brought ease in providing health care services. Thus, it has shown evidence of how first patients’ records are retrieved back while old lab reports are readily reproduced to make appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan. The hospital has excellent admission records collected from patients thereby allowing for retrieval of information regarding incoming patients early before they arrive. Ultimately, having a functional EHR system will ensure adequate patient satisfaction and their safety. Equally, the Vila Health center has had a good health information system which by far has brought a lot of ease in handling patient information. However, the hospital is still far below the expectations of a fully automated health information management system of EHR caliber.

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The approach is evident from how most of hospital departments’ key leaders lament about the current and even offering suggestions about how it would better serve them (Stacy, 2014). Commonly mentioned problem is a missing linkage of the EHR with other information systems. The hospital has for a long time struggled with organizing records of patients supplies since it’s not linked up with EHR. The supply track system does not work with the EHR, or at least it has never been reliable, and thus nurses have to fill up the patient supplies manually for them to reflect in the billing (Fareed, Ozcan & DeShazo, 2012). The concern from the major stakeholders is high since the perfect use of EHR is elemental in achieving its anticipated results.

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Further, the system has problems working with other tracking systems, where downstream staffs do not receive data concurrently. In that, diagnostic images do not reach the recipient with their results together or vice versa (Warren & Diala, 2017). The delays require could require manual feeding of results. Thereby, the hospital EHR has not worked for what people had previously considered. Each member of the hospital staff should take part in it (Warren & Diala, 2017). The physicians and others who are unwilling to embrace this system should have their concerns listened to and addressed. Proper use of EHR hardware allows for better understanding of how each segment operates. Before any devices are incorporated into the system they should be analyzed first and certified as safe (Warren & Diala, 2017).

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Purposely, it will prevent the introduction of malware into the whole system. There should be a very sober and light approach while asking patients of their language, race, communication barriers and ethnicity (Warren & Diala, 2017). The staffs will need to be very respectful and effective in communicating with different people to avoid misunderstandings. Many patients are reluctant with hospital registrations or even giving up their confidential medical history. Therefore, the hospital has to assure the security to the information as well as inform on why it’s needed (Payne, 2016). Also, some employees and even staffs can refuse to comply with the guidelines provided by the leadership. The hospital needs to maximize on resource allocation to each member of the Vila health center (Baron, 2013).

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It includes necessary hardware and software, human resources to man technical coding requirements and to improve data handling and storage. The hospital could make use of physician query services as well for faster response to the physician inquiries. The move will make the whole process error-free, especially when handling billing cases (Baron, 2013). There is a great need to improve the patient portal. Through improved operability of the system, it will be straightforward to retrieve the information, make references for quick and easy treatment. The physicians’ output will greatly be increased. First, the system will harbour all important contributions from other physicians and staffs (Payne, 2016). Thus, they will make always make the most appropriate decisions and there will be very low cases of readmission as the system will promote accuracy.

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Also, the physicians will move out of handwritten prescriptions and other manual tasks and concentrate much on other major roles (Payne, 2016). Additionally, the hospital could recover most of its lost money through underpayment on some bills. Many institutions have been able to make claims after realizing the errors incurred. With a streamlined information flow throughout the hospital, data provided will be dependable and trustworthy. In fact, it will offer a sense of teamwork and improve on service delivery for each staff within the unit (Payne, 2016). The hospital is destined to maintain high quality services and become a reputable healthcare provider. The hospital has had many issues with billing department versus the insurers. There are terrifying rates of denied bills from the insurer, although most come out the same way they were at first (Payne, 2016).

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