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For instance, a lack of a proper channel of communication can result in massive damage like in the fire cases. The poor communication channels cause delays in the delivery, and this leads to an enormous loss. The government and the parties can address this challenge of communication by taking part in establishing a solution. Such parties include the communication companies within the country (Hong, et al. Lack of a proper communication network is a problem that sometimes occurs. However, the study is also necessary because the issues of natural calamity and crises affect the lives of people. Therefore, the solutions that the study provides seek would prevent the massive loss of human life and property. Secondly, the answers provided by the survey would also help avoid damage to property, which generally occurs in cases of fire and terror attacks.

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If these solutions provided by the study are implemented, then such heavy losses incurred would be reduced.   What has been done by research on the topic is on the matters of technology.   The problem and evidence of its existence The problem in this study is a lack of a good communication network between the different individuals who can assist in a crisis. This challenge is witnessed in the occurrence of various disasters, which lead to a massive loss of life and property. Lack of a proper channel of communication makes it difficult for the rescue team to arrive on time at the scene, and hence causing a substantial loss. If this problem is not addressed, then it can cause significant losses whenever a crisis occurs.

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  People impacted by the problem Lack of a good communication network affects everyone in the nation. This would provide adequate information about the matter. It would also include visiting the ESF agencies and the Mayor’s office to discuss the particulars of the issue. Guidance of SAFECOM will be used as the variable and for the analysis purposes. The target population includes the people who have been affected by the crises which have occurred in the past. A maximum of twenty affected individuals/families would provide adequate information.    A descriptive research method is the best choice because it provides a systematic overview of the problem. It also makes use of qualitative and quantitative methods in the investigation of a particular situation.

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The research method also entails the use of observation techniques about a specific issue. Besides, descriptive research also makes use of case studies about the situation, and this helps in providing the correct information. The survey, on the other hand, is relatively cheap as compared to the other methods (Salame-Alfie & Ansari, 2018). It contains large volumes of water which sweep everything both in the sea and in the ground. Buildings collapse, and people die as a result. The communication systems are affected by the events, which lead to confusion when responding to the call for help (Savoia, et al.        When there is good cooperation between the response teams, it will be possible to cover a wide area and reduce the number of deaths experienced.

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Consequently, it can help in warning the people of potential dangers that can affect their lives. Natural disasters that occur in a nation can result in a weak communication network in the country. When the communication network is interrupted, then this means that when a crisis occurs, it will lead to a substantial loss. This research topic is perfect because it tries to provide solutions to the already existing problems. What has been done by research on the subject is on the matters of technology. Research suggests that technology use is increasing daily.   References Hong, L. , Fu, C. , Wu, J. , & Frias-Martinez, V. Information needs and communication gaps between citizens and local governments online during natural disasters. , & Ansari, A. Assessment of National Efforts in Emergency Preparedness for Nuclear Terrorism: Is there a Need for Realignment to Close Remaining Gaps?.

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