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The core purpose of ETECH-805 is to enlighten the students about the current issues in engineering technology. While getting to know the engineering technological trends is paramount to students, the focus of the course is primarily to develop and shape the communication dexterities of the learners, by instilling research and formal writing skills, in timely and efficient manner. The purpose of this course review documents review paper is to provide a summary of the most important aspects of the syllabus and associated assignments. Course Topics and Assignments The course has a number of topics structured to span the entire semester. Each of these topics features is unique assignments meant to evaluate a learner’s progress throughout the course duration. Thus, the fourth assignment will be an important avenue for us to explore the trends in machine learning and get to know how the field has advanced in the recent past.

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Besides, the course requires the students to select a topic for an additional short paper. We will be required to submit three topics along with abstracts for the sixth individual short paper. Similarly, there will be an individual with long paper topics and an associated research paper that will be based on the proposed list for IT01, IT02, IT03, and IT04. Both topics for individual short paper and long paper will be submitted in week 8. We will also be expected to provide references arranged in numerical order. The headings of the paper should be bold and underlined. Additionally, the papers should contain original and current thoughts, with a proper citation in case a source is used. We will also be required to prepare a presentation based on the individual long paper.

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