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While I was in my former school, I used to work hard so that I could get an opportunity to join this great institution so that I could sharpen my future. My parents offered me adequate support both in school as well as at home so that I could be eligible to join this institution which has been my dream since time immemorial. It is my great hope that I will have a great future in this institution and I will have an opportunity to grow both academically as well as religion. There are so many reasons why I find this school to be the best to me. For these reasons is because of the religious education which is offered by the school to all its students.

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This makes it important for everyone to be in an institution that can make him or her become an academic giant. This is the reason I choose this institution. When one looks at its history that it made in the past, it is clear that the institution is committed to ensuring the success of the students. Everyone in this institution has a great possibility of being an academic giant in the future through utilizing the facilities that are in this institution. Those who passed in this school in the past left a history that has proved that the institution can offer the best education to anyone. By the end of my four years in this institution, I wish to be able to convince anyone to join Christianity or a Muslim due to the religious values that I will have gained in the course of my education.

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This will be a great achievement for me. One of the challenges that we have passed through has been due to the fact that our parents come from different backgrounds and this has made the cultural values in the family a major problem. My mother comes from Venezuela while my father is a citizen of this nation by birth. My mother came in the nation as a student where he later married my father. It will be my joy to see me gaining this important knowledge and then applying it ion transforming my family to a better one. So by this, I have a reason for joining this institution as I aim at achieving this and much more. The main reason why my parents wanted me to join this institution is due to the fact that the institution has been excelling academically over the many years ago.

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The institution has been able to produce individuals who are of importance not only to the society but also to the entire world. I also have a dream of excelling academically. I am also planning on starting volunteer movement in the institution which will make sure that the relationship between the school and the institution has been improved by being involved in community development activities. Last and not the least is that I wish to inform you of some of the leisure activities that I usually take part in. I am a good photographer. I have been able to even do this in the past during my leisure times and I have confirmed that I am a good one in this.

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