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Extraction of gold involves several methods this depends on whether it is large scale extraction or small-scale extraction of gold. A long time ago the most common way of mining gold was the use of simple sheepskin which was later replaced by amalgamation. Amalgamation is a process that involves capturing of fine-grained gold particles through the formation of amalgam with the metal. The most common metal that is used in amalgamation is mercury which is currently being used locally by the small-scale gold miners. Currently, borax is the most commonly used method by small-scale this method entails using of sodium borate to extract gold. The other most important use of gold is the crowning and awarding of successful people in various field.

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This is because gold is treasured and regarded as a one of the most precious metal existing in our modern society. It is also regarded beautiful and a high status symbol. In this research, we will focus on Gold strike mine in the United States of America. Which is located 40 kilometers north of Carlin, Nevada IN Eureka counties. At a society level mining has too many impacts which can be social or economic. In the society mining has led to the development of infrastructure, this includes facilities such as communication and transportation. This is because for a mining company to be established in an area, a good road network and enough supply of electricity has to be considered and through this establishment of the facilities the society gains.

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It has also led to the development of social amenities such as schools, churches, and hospitals. These social amenities are used by the miners and their families (Jose Antonio Puppim). Through the interference of soil cover mining results to wastage of essential parts of the land, the landscape is also lost, and the aesthetic value of the surrounding is negatively interfered with. The ecosystem is also interfered with as many species of various plants and animals are killed due to the toxicity of soil and water and the loss of habitat. Finally, neither the remains of mining on the environment are suitable for future industrial establishment nor are they ideal for agriculture utilization. Gold mining has led to various social effects on the community at large.

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In the United States residents from different parts of the country demonstrated due to lack of clean air as a result of excessive mining and industrialization in Texas, making it hard for residents to avoid respiratory diseases in Texas and its environs. The Gold mines have brought a lot of improvement in the communities that live around the discovered Gold mines this includes the development of social amenities such as schools, churches, and hospitals. It has also improved the economy of the communities around through providing employment and foreign exchange with other countries. References Spude, C. Mining Archaeology in the American West: A View from the Silver State Donald L. Hardesty. Advances in gold extraction and refining.  Gold Bulletin, 6(3), 86-86. doi.

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