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This is specific to the sexuality and sexual orientation of the people. The contemporary world has become more accommodative to the emerging sexual trends which in the traditional settings would not pass as part of the societal norms. Primarily, in the traditional setting, sexual orientation of people was subject to the rules and regulations that governed the different communities and cultures. Cultural practices were the guiding platforms to how the people would interact with each other and which behaviors were acceptable. These practices ensured that the people maintained proper relations with each other and ensured that a balance was maintained in the cycle of life. However, this does not mean that the people were oblivious to the fact that others were attracted to the same sex.

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Hence, there were strict laws that were against such sexual behavior. Homosexuality was considered to be a vice in the society and was thus not allowed explicitly. People who were found committing or exhibiting homosexual behavior were subjected to severe punishments or considered to be outcasts and therefore shunned away from their communities. The overall consequence of this was that the individuals who ascribed to homosexuality would keep hidden their sexual orientation to avoid causing any disturbance in the community or risk being banished. As such, based on the Hawaiian tradition example, mahus (Ferber 201) were socially accepted in the countryside where the culture of the people was deeply practiced. However, in the city, mahus were often met with discrimination and sexual profiling.

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This is such that, the city population and perception of mahus was that they were not acceptable according to the social norms. As a consequence, many mahus in the city were subjected to prejudice (Ferber205) and rejection from people who believed that their sexual orientation was queer. The modern world today, however, has become more accepting towards QTPOC. Several people of color have confidently come out and embraced their sexuality and sexual orientation. The modern world has become more welcoming of the variety of sexualities that people possess. Ideally, this has further been elaborated in the different industries such as the entertainment industry. Many modern films have gone a step ahead to ensure that the different sexual orientations are represented in the films (Megarry n.

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p). The people who are inclined towards the same sex are thus deemed to be queer as well. It is based on these social constructs that when Jaden Smith took up the position to be an ambassador of Louis Vuitton’s new clothing line (Gutiérrez n. p. ), he was criticized and applauded at the same time. The criticism was based on the fact that some believed that as a cisperson, he was invading the opportunities of the transgender people. theguardian. com/tv-and-radio/2018/mar/03/rupaul-drag-race-big-f-you-to-male-dominated-culture. Ferber, Abby L. Sex, gender, and sexuality: the new basics ; an anthology. Oxford University Press, 2017. bgdblog. org/2016/01/jaden-smith-isnt-encroaching-on-transgender-territory-but-isnt-a-nonbinary-icon-either Megarry, Daniel. “Russell Tovey and Wentworth Miller Share Gay Superhero Kiss on The Flash. ” Gay Times, 29 Nov. 2017, www.

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