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According to Curtis, Fry, Shaban & Considine, (2016), the translation of research findings to practice requires for nurses to critique all aspects of a research article examining its aim, methodology and findings of the research, comparing the findings and research populations is also critical in deciding on the applicability of a research information. This assignment will critique a research article on the effects of thermomechanical stimulation during vaccination on anxiety, pain, and satisfaction in pediatric patients by Redfern, Chen & Sibrel, (2018). The critique will examine the research article sufficiency and applicability of its research problem, the comprehensiveness and relevance of the literature review, the article's appropriateness of the methodology, hypothesis and a review of the findings to identify whether they answer the research questions. The critique will summarize identifying the usefulness of the research in the application in nursing care intervention and its appropriateness.

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Problem/ purpose The authors Redfern, Chen & Sibrel, (2018), succinctly identify the problem which informs the research study covered by the article. The authors clearly use old research studies (as old as 1984) to clearly establish and create a deeper understanding of the problem and the progress that has been made towards the challenge to date. The application of literature review in such a succinct manner ensure the provision of a clearer understanding of the study, its aims and its applicability in patient care. The authors have utilized a majority of the previous studies within the last 5 years which impacts more credibility to the evidence presented in the literature review. Theoretical framework The authors do not explicitly provide the conceptual framework guiding the research. The reader has to extract the theoretical framework from the literature review statements in the research article.

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The pain was operationally defined using the Wong and Baker scale from 1 representing least pain experienced to 6 representing most pain. Parental satisfaction was not operationally defined in this study. One of the uncontrolled variables in the study that could have a confounding effect on the outcomes of the research was a previous experience of similar needlestick as that used during the immunization by the child. Such an experience would affect the child's level of pre-procedural anxiety and perhaps their post-procedure pain experience as well as the parental perception of the child's experience. This effect would likely present the wrong information on the variables under study. The inclusion criteria, however, failed to control inclusivity depending on the number and type of immunization which can affect the pain levels. Also, other factors such as the amount of injecting pressure, staff providing the service were not considered and might affect the pain levels in children.

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The research complied with ethical research through obtaining research approval from the Institutional Review Board. The participant's parents or legal guardians also provided written consent for the participants since they were below the allowed age of consent. The children also provided their own written or verbal consent. Discussion and Implications The discussion of the results relates to the aims and objectives of the study and adequately correlates to the theoretical framework that could be inferred from the research. In the discussions, the author relates the findings to previous studies and the literature review. There are no discussions on abnormal results as none were declared during the study. The discussions also outline the limitations of the study which could have affected the outcomes of the study and provides alternatives on areas that future studies must strengthen to ensure more accuracy.

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The future research recommendation connects with the study as it suggests for further studies to determine the age of the application of the Buzzy machine in pain control during immunization for children which links with the research as it already has established that the machine use is effective across a wide age span for children. org/10. Curtis, K. Fry, M. Shaban, R. Considine, J. Maskell, N. et al. Reducing bias in open-label trials where blinded outcome assessment is not feasible: strategies from two randomized trials. Trials, 15(1). doi.

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