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t, Inventory Control, Quality Control- environmental and occupational safety Issues,and Supply Chain Management - logistics. But also how to address these issues. Using any appropriate theory, literature, techniques and approaches to examine the specified job description. According to Stevenson (2015) “operations management is the management of systems or processes that create goods and/or provide services” for a business to improve the efficiency of its operation. Hence to help the MEGGITT to go where it wants to go as stated by Windham (2018) operation management must focus on aligning the operations with the company’s objectives. It also assigns duties to departments, supervisor and subordinate. Operation management is also responsible for personnel management, training and performance monitoring and audits. Being on toe with well ordered documented procedure and arising staff issues help in smooth running of daily activities.

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Capacity development Capacity development is the process through which individuals, organizations and societies acquire strengthen and maintain their own mind set objectives and achieve them over time. The challenges faced by a successful candidate of MEGGIT will entail balancing expertise, contextualising learning, institutional development, assessing impacts, keeping up with technological advancement and diversifying workforce. This includes ability to understanding other language and culture, legal rules within different countries, communication and technology and environmental management. Since different people world over has different cultures the successful candidate in manager position will have it difficulty in understanding the way of life for example red mean danger in other countries while in china it is a good luck. Secondly, the laws, tax rule and many regulation surrounding trade in different countries.

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Thirdly is about the issue of communication and technology in different changes as you move to different country due to signal or use of different technology which a candidate may not be familiar with. Inventory Control– Inventory is one of the most difficult systems in any business. It entails purchase, procurement, storage, transport and supply. It also includes executing technology to help staff in the process as well as developing and assisting in professional relationship with suppliers and external collaborators. Supply chain management also includes implementing technology to assist staff in the process, as well as developing and sustaining professional relationships with suppliers and related collaborators of the process who could throw a significant error in business operation How would you address the main Issues? Governing mechanism-Capacity development, time management, and Globalization Governing mechanism being a backbone part in operation management and the execution of the role should be of interest.

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The challenges on governing mechanism range from internal up to external. As an operation manager I will ensure that the larger objectives within the company are maintained which include smooth operation, defining rport line and measuring performance. Conflict Resolution Though conflict may rise in an organization, as an operating manager of the company I will ensure that the following measure are taken solve the cropping conflict in an organization. I advise the company to understand and evaluate employees emotional response s, identify the side of on which the conflict stand for example whether they are aggressive leader or conflict avoider. Also the view of all the parties involved should be considered, finding the main cause of the conflict, accept the people the way they are, implement regular open session for brainstorming what is working and what is not working.

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Last have a team create a conflict resolution protocol where everyone buys in people tend to accept what they helped to create. Globalization As an operation manager of Meggit I would recommend that the following measure be taken to address the problem of globalization to business. The next steps which company should take are major in training , arrange for quality circle and company to instil employees to develop positive attitude. Supply Management logistic As a n operation I would ensure that the following strategies are taken by Meggit company to help reduce the challenge of supply management logistics: adopt s demand-driven planning and business operating model based on real-time demand insight and demand shaping, Build an adaptive and agile supply chain with rapid planning and integrated execution and optimize product designs and product management for supply, manufacturing and sustainability to accelerate profitable innovation.

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Conclusion This article has shown that for the job position advertised by Meggit McMinnville does not only need a person based on the first come first serve but also should consider many qualification. It also shows success is not easily found there are many challenges attributed to it. For the success of an operation the management is key and is task with getting better solutions to the challenges. , Ha°kansson, H. and Snehota, I. (2003), Managing Business Relationships,2nd ed. , Wiley, Chichester. Giunipero, L. M. , Trent, R. and Handfield, R. (2004), Purchasing and Supply Chain Management,3rd ed. , Southwestern College Publishing, Cincinnati, OH. Summary The Operations Manager effectively leads and develops the Manufactuing Operations Team, to obtain optimum productivity, while reaching strategic goals.

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