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For the external factors, they are main factors that cannot be controlled by the human whereas the internal factors they are the factors that are mainly controlled. In this report, our main concern shall be how the politics affect the business environment. One of the factors that are considered includes the government interventions which are mainly the government activity and regulation that usually impact the business. Some of them being the subsidy of the taxes that are imposed by the government. In addition to that, we shall try to check how stable government usually affect the business and also the risks of the military intervention. 5 Currency stability and also the exchange rate of the business. 6 Minimum wage set and also the law of mandatory benefits to the employer.

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0 Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility 7 4. 0 Conclusion 8 5. 0 Work cited 9 1. That the business is operating such that it prohibits the use of some of the commodity, technological ones, the legal ones, and also the environmental ones this is the factors that the business cannot be in a position to control. The other analysis that can be used is the use of the swot analysis which is a technique that usually focuses on the strength the weakness on the opportunity and also the threat of the business that is being done or discussed. The swot analysis even though it does offer analysis it does not in many cases offer analysis to the external factors. For the external factor that swot usually help in is the opportunity and also the threat which are the only external; factors that swot can help to analysis.

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The external factors there are the factors that in a great way mainly influence the business even though the business does not have plenty of option in that to be in a position to control them. The main company mission is mainly focused or rotate under the improving the prospects of the bank's customers. The bank also seeks to provide the customer the best banking services and also it offers patterner ship with the customers. The banking is mainly composed of the different section such that they are the different type of the bank under the company name since they usually differ concerning the area that the bank is located. Since the banks involve the residents of that area in their business and also in their lifestyle among another thing that they offer.

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( Cooke, at al. It then means that the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank shall operate on all standard they shall avoid investing in such areas. 3 Corruption The other factor that they do consider is the level of corruption in the area that they want to invest and in the levels of the regulation in the bank sector. In the corrupt areas, the bank shall avoid investing in such areas since the areas that they are corrupt they often than not affect the distribution of the resources to the middle-class. People who are the major owners of the small business that are the major investment of the bank since in their aim is to help the middle-class business to be in a position to invest and save the money.

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If in any case, the corruption is in an area it shall lead to business harnessing loses due to the low investment since the middle-class people are not in a position to save their money in the bank which shall minimize the transaction. If then the company does operate in an environment that is of expensive labor it shall not count profit, but instead, it shall count loses since the Bendigo And Adelaide Bank Limited is a profit-seeking organization it shall not be in a place to work effectively in this type of environment. 0 Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Some of the ethics that are involved in The Bendigo and the Adelaide banking limited to include the following. The company emphasis on the corporate values that include the team working in the company in addition to that the bank also mainly focuses on the integrity of the work of the workers the performance of the company is also critical in that the Bendigo and the Adelaide banking focuses on the performance of the individual.

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Which is one of the areas that they usually emphasis passion is also inclusive of the values that the banking company usually focuses on not only does the company have the cooperate value, but they also have some of the value-based behaviors? The workers in the company usually focuses on the commitment of the environment. (Shamsuddin, at al. In the effective running of the business for profit making is first the evaluation of the current situation on the which the business is being located to check on the external factors of the business. In the setting up of the business as perceived in the report is one of the major things that one must consider. The environment that the business is located shall affect the business performance in the areas such as the sociocultural in that some of the cultures tend to discourage the prosperity of the business.

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