Four Key Lessons for Todays Enterprising Manager

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An enterprising manager who possesses these attributes is in a position to run the company smoothly, making the right decisions along the way. Also, enterprising characteristics are discussed. The attributes are a necessity in assisting them to run the company’s daily operations and ensure achievement of the firm’s goals. These characteristics include being innovative, taking risks, and the ability to network with other individuals. Recommendations on developing enterprising attributes are discussed in detail. The retailer has faced numerous external threats and an environment that is competitively enhanced and stakeholder’s pressure that makes the organization to rethink its strategy. TESCO’s opportunities are addressed to determine what the firm can do with its business strategy and brand engagement. Additionally, ways which the company can innovate, characteristics of an entrepreneur and enterprise attributes about TESCO are discussed.

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TESCO Opportunities There is a rise in Tesco’s commercial network portfolio. In 2009, the organization opened over 620 stores of which 435 were global stores. Customers’ flexibility especially clients leading busy lives or those having transport issues can be improved by offering online shopping. Lastly, Tesco can accommodate the continuing recession effects whereby individuals are busy too cook or struggling financially through their broader value and most exceptional branding. Characteristics of Enterprising Manager First, an enterprising manager should be innovative whereby they should make use of ideas that have not been put into practice before. For instance, as a result of Tesco’s vast client base, huge market share, and the position they possess in customers’ minds, the company can decide to combine their operations with Avis Car Rentals.

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Travelling has become a necessity for individuals as they go to work or take a tour (Zhao, 2014, pp. Since the demand for houses is high, Tesco would attract many customers thus improving Tesco’s income. Networking is another characteristic that should be possessed by the enterprising manager. They should be capable of interacting with firms that share a common interest to enhance the exchange of ideas (Mollah, 2014, pp. For instance, Tesco offers travel insurance service that covers clients’ destination. It would be an opportunity for the firm to expand if it combined with Kuoni, a travel agency. , 2016, pp. This is because employees are more likely to respond to changes when the procedure applied in managing the transition is fair. Lastly, the young managers need to have positive attitudes when going about their activities.

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Having a positive attitude even when faced with a bad situation encourages productivity since attitude is often as important as hard work. Attributes Justification Managers who possess the right knowledge standards are essential in facilitating a company in decision-making (Tatsuoka, et al. The managers’ attitudes affect potential customers, the staff, investors, as well as the suppliers. Maintaining a positive attitude in infectious and the people around are likely to pick up on the managers’ positive energy (Whetten and Cameron, 2014, pp. The employees feel positive, and clients are willing to do business with the organization. Attitude can be improved by managers being aware of their thoughts and being careful with individuals they associate with. Recommendations Knowledge is among the key attributes that the young managers should develop.

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However, expanding to Australian grocery market and adopting digital entertainment may make it grow on its market share. In any organization, young managers need to possess enterprise attributes such as knowledge, skills, behaviour, and attitudes to ensure that they drive the firm’s vision forward. In developing the young ‘enterprising managers of the future,’ the Senior Management team of the global company could adopt strategies such as; training the managers to be good listeners, empower them to look beyond a single mentor’s idea who guides them through a self-discovery journey, educating them to manage organizational life through effective time management, and advising them to undertake courses on attitude development. All this when combined, they would guarantee successful future enterprising managers.

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