Fresh Water in the Atlantic Essay

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This is because most salty water bodies tend to be very warm as compared to the fresh water lakes and therefore in the map provided the parts that show low temperature are the regions of the ocean where more of the melting ice glaciers tend to get in. The colors used to indicate the temperature vary from purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and red that is in the way they are arranged they represent an increase in temperature for example red color represents the highest temperature. Atlantic Meridinal overturning represents the circulation of currents from the most cold regions. This therefore means that the currents from the polar regions which usually appear during season are the cause of the variations in temperature in some parts of the Atlantic ocean.

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This current brings the humid temperatures from the polar regions which changes the temperatures of the water and thus giving the reason why most of the parts of the ocean seem to have very low temperatures of about -2 oc. On the other hand also the organization tried to show how this global warming causes a negative impact in the water bodies. This from the article it is clear that fresh water which results from melting ice bugs causes a change in the density of the ocean leading to the change in circulation of water in the ocean. Conclusion It is clear that fresh water might cause adverse effects in the circulation of water. From the essay fresh reduces the heat in the water which is efficient in water circulation and also it causes a change in the density of water leading to a change in water circulation and therefore this paper using the information from the article is able to find out the effects of fresh water in water bodies.

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