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Business evaluation refers to the process as well as activities undertaken to identify whether organization’s activities are conducted in the right manner. The operation should be in line with the company’s goals and objectives as well as the latest trends. General Electric is one of the companies which should be evaluated to find out whether it is operating according to the expected level. According to Grant (P. 26), the General Electric Company is an American based multinational conglomerate which was founded in New York, and the headquarters are based in Boston, Massachusetts. This strategy ensures there is an adequate supply of various resources that will be used by the company to produce different items. Building strong business will have a positive advantage for the company as it will ensure it operates effectively without any form of interference.

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The other key strategy of the company is that has been able to commit to people. The firm has been able to develop strong leaders and a loyal team. The presence of strong leaders ensures that all the department are led in the right matter ensuring that goals and objectives of the company are met. 26), the significant opportunity that lies in the face of General Electric Company is the growth of digital technology which is being adopted in various industries. The second opportunity is the there is growth in the renewable energy market as most people find them efficient and cheaper. Thirdly, growth in developing markets is the other opportunity that this company faces. The company is also faced with threats which limit their level of operation (Kosov, Akhmadeev, & Osipov p.

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One of these threats is stiff competition from other companies in the same field. This research is essential to the company in the sense that it provides a room for discovery of new items which might be helpful to the company. Red Ocean Tactic Analysis The General Electric Company is performing well compared to its competitors. The sales that the company is getting from its products is higher compared to some of its competitors. The company sold its product at a lower cost which made them affordable to different individuals. The competitive advantage is because the company conducts regular market research to identify the trends in the market which helps in keeping them ahead. In the same period, the liabilities declined by 7.

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These two factors are positive indicators that the company is moving towards the right direction. However, the company has some financial weakness as it is using some borrowed capital to help their investments grow. Therefore, the company will pay off its debts at a reasonable rate (Hill, Jones, & Schilling p. Five Elements of Good Strategy Analysis The first element of good strategy analysis is the arena. Staging refers to the act of storing goods before shipment is made. The importance of staging is that ensures there is a good flow of goods and other product within the supply chain to avoid congestion issues. The last element is the economic logic. The company has put in mind how the economy is, and it has devised ways to deal with the various problem.

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