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The global ethics is attached to the morals that protect the people. Philosophers for a long time have looked into ethics that surround business and its commercial activities (Krämer & Del Rio, 2018). Most believe that there are morals that should guide how companies should run. Others are of the idea that the way transactions conducted should not take into consideration the feelings and beliefs of the people around it. The study evaluates the various actions of countries when it comes to the application of ethical issues. Since the responsibilities different from branch to branch in multinational companies, the interpretation of actions would also vary. The organization’s offices are measured internally by their performances and profitability that they bring to the firm.

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For the organization to survive in the industry, the firm should ensure that the management of these branches leads to survival in the industry. The firm should maintain its competitive edge produce quality products as well as make sure there is coordination of the workforces around the multinational branches. Management of the branches involves having a balancing act that incorporates all the activities of the firm in an overall manner. They apply principles and analyses their organizations work peacefully. Issues regarding enterprises get divided into two parts the Hidden ethical issue and the covert ethical issues. The overt ethical issues involve open issues such as stealing, collusion by the employees to commit fraud taking bribes and sabotaging people’s businesses. The United States there is strict rule s and heavy punishment that face companies that engage in bribery actions.

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Brazil laws on bribery are moderate hence cannot be compared to those in the United States (Tourinho, 2018). It has the moral standings of the stakeholders of the company wherever it may be. The decisions made should be adequately considered and appropriate from the situation at hand. The decision-making counterparts should have generally accepted the decision in unison. It should be good for the sake of the people, who need reasonable choices that are made relatively fair for the profitability of the company. Last, the decision made should be justifiable to all the members. They further believe that businesses should obey the laws set in a country as it carries out its economic duties. So the social part of the company is toned down for the financial objectives of the organization.

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Lastly, there are those who want business activities connected with those activities of the society. As much as the entities concentrate on their economic goals they should also focus on the people around it. While making profits in an ethical manner, they should take notes of the interdependence, the overlapping and interlinking factors in business. Most of the companies are required to have a corporate governance policy. The policy ensures that they act according to the laws set in the nations they operate. While they carry out ethical business practices, they uphold accountability and integrity at the same time. The country respects a global code of conduct for businesses. To maintain integrity in the corporate world in the United States the ethical part of the market gets looked at seriously.

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  Global Ethics Director Job Analysis The work entails a series of tasks, assignments duties, and responsibilities. The functions to be carried out mainly involve the responsibilities of maintaining an ethical working environment while considering the moral standing of the various countries that form the multinational. The consideration would take on board the feelings of the employees and their cultural beliefs as well as the community’s practices. Another job description on the Global Ethics Director requires that the post has key work activities which define the duties of the director. They also distinctively specify what the job performed by the administrator. The risks get drawn from the ethical requirements in a particular state.  The director must advise the company direction on solving ethical conduct problems that arise in these countries.

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