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The role of leadership in the society can be explained more using leadership theories namely, situational, behavioral, trait, participative and contingency theories. Being an American citizen who attended American schools, I will consider moving to Berlin, Germany the greatest opportunity to work hard and fulfill my dreams. According to Hofstede Insights culture compass, long-term orientation, uncertainty avoidance, indulgence, individualism, masculinity and power distance are the dimensions used to describe the leadership performance of a country. Long term orientation, is rated at eighty three percent on Germanys profile (Hofstede Insights n. p). Individualism dimension mostly dwells on the degree of interdependency any country or society has within its members whereby its self-image is described as “we” or “I”. Germany scores sixty seven percent on this dimension while the US scores ninety-one (Hofstede Insights n.

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p). The difference between both scores indicates that compared to Germany, the US is an individualistic society. They mind more about their “justice and liberty for everyone” premise. A high score in masculinity motivates people from both genders to work hard and become the best. However, the low score on feminine society means that the most important values in the German society are the quality of life people have. The US also recorded an almost equal percentage of sixty-two. Both societies care about the wellbeing of their residents hence the balance in their scores. Power distance exhibits influence a country’s culture has towards the power inequalities people experience within themselves. America has a forty six percent score on uncertainty avoidance.

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Naturally, Americans practice freedom of expression and take in ideas from anyone. Germany on the other hand has a sixty five percent score of uncertainty avoidance (Hofstede Insights n. p). Their deductive approach of situations is influenced by the philosophical heritage of Hegel, Kant and Fichte. org n. p). Being the president to the most powerful country motivated him to continue his leadership skills even after retirement. He was exposed to the different challenges people from different societies were facing. According to Forbes, Angela Merkel is the most powerful woman in the world (Connolly n. It took Charlemagne thirty years to fight against the Saxons. His never fading spirit kept him hoping that one-day thing would become better and all his problems would be solved.

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