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This is an act of giving tea is seen as a tribute to the emperor. Gong Cha, which is offered by Chinese emperors serves as one of the best qualities of tea collected throughout the state (Cox, Barbara & William Koelzer, 2004). The company is valuable because it provides the best quality tea and beverages to the consumers. Consequently, the organization believes in giving both a natural and healthy drink and drinks with a refreshing taste. The organization's primary goal is to offer refreshing drinks and services that leave the consumers healthy and happy. Additionally, the company also gives extra add-ons depending on their relationship, which makes it more individual. Gong Cha stands out to other organizations in this industry because rather than using flavor powders, the company applies high-quality tea leaves brewed fresh regularly and shifts every 4 hours (Chaffey, 2011).

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It is essential to understand that Gong Cha has another specialty in the form of white pearl, which is created from seaweed extract with limited calories compared to black pearl, which is made from tapioca, which is an even healthier alternative. Based on the organization’s brand image and implication, the brand is still in its introduction phase. SWOT Analysis Analyzing the SWOT analysis of the company involves exploring through the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and the organization threats. The organization's segmentation dependent on geography can be divided into Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific. The products include; Original Flavored Bubble tea and Fruit Flavored Bubble tea (Green, Tull, & Albaum, 2018). The geographic segmentation mainly considers the discernable preferences the discernable preferences of the consumers together with their buying behaviors within a specific area.

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The ability together with the resources to buy make out issues that are relatively common within a specific area. One thing about Gong Cha is that they have high brand value and pricing that is superior to the other products falling within this category. Differentiation and Positioning Strategies Product differentiation analyzes the process of distinguishing between the organizations products from other products, and this is to ensure that the product remains attractive to a specified target market. Gong Cha differentiates its products together with the organization's products. Consequently, the company applies an efficient positioning strategy, which considers the organization's strengths and weaknesses, with the needs of the consumers and the market together with the position of competitors (Todaro, 2008). The primary purpose of a proper positioning strategy is that it allows the organization to spotlight on the particular areas where they can beat their competition.

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Some of the positioning strategies used by the organization include using the product elements as a strategy, mainly focuses on the aspects of the product or the certain customer benefits. The second P is placed, and this because they serve in both stores and online. When global technology is developing daily, the ability to shop online is one of the most significant factors to follow better trends (Heaton, 2012). The third P is Product, and it is based on the fact that Gong Cha provides distinguished services to explore their interests. There are some bubble tea contenders aside from Gong Cha, and this includes Comebuy milk tea and Chatime. The last P is promotion, and it involves setting a Gong Cha Day each month as promotion pricing, which provides a better package for cold drinks and hot drinks.

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