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It applies most in a competitive market where consumers repeatedly prefer one seller of a product to the rest of other sellers in the same market. There is a close relationship between consumer loyalty and satisfaction (DeFranzo, 2012).  Satisfaction precedes loyalty. Satisfaction comes after receiving great service. After satisfaction, client or consumer will remain to be loyal which the reward that any enterprise is looking for. Just like any other business, flying customers are always loyal to their preferred air Companies. This means that they will seek for these services repeatedly. Moreover, they will convince more people for the same. On the other hand, if the services are poor, they raise complains and discourage others against them (Hussain, Al Nasser and Hussain, 2015, p168).

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The best airline is the one which is responsive towards the needs of its clients. Other entertainment activities include unlimited WI-FI and Live TV programs hence the best inflight entertainment. This is not to mention spacious personal suites with electrical sliding doors, changeable ambient lights, in-built massage system and dine-on-demand services just but to mention a few. One will expect that such a nice experience and the above quality service rendered leaves passengers being loyal to this airline. The Skytrax prestigious awards of the year 2016 identified Emirates Company as the best airline in the Middle East and the world ahead of British Airway and Qatar airway (Emirates, 2018, p32). The award was based on the feedback from passengers. Aviation statistics reveals that the fiscal year 2016/2017 witnessed the highest number of clients.

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It handled 56 million people translating to a seat factor of 75. The revenue realized this year was close to one billion US dollars. This excluded profits from Emirates Sky cargo that transports 2. 6 million metric tons generating almost three billions. Generally, Emirates’ customers are likely to continue repurchasing the Company’s products. Their loyalty is likely to boosts confidence of the customers in the products of this airline. As a result, there will be little or no complaints which have got a positive impact on its reputation placing Emirates on an edge of competitive advantage. It is good to note that the superlative praises received from its clients on its fantastic achievements were not only impression from the programming but also hardware standards specifically the A380 fleets which are superior to the rest (Emirate, 2016).

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