Green jobs are alive and well Topic Restatement

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In 2017, Trump stated that the US federal administration was going to provide resources which will support the production of energy using coal. This move was detrimental to the progress made in the renewable energy sources. After this declaration by Trump, the sale of solar panels and other related components declined by 22% (Gloudeman, 2018). However, despite the setback, several private companies such as Patagonia and Unilever are becoming the trailblazers towards more sustainable corporate processes. The article indicates that the move by such companies in creating green employment opportunities not only supports the measures towards the preservation of natural resources but it also enhances the HR department of these companies (Gloudeman, 2018). The first example on how the EGS framework is represented by the green jobs initiative is that private companies have found a way to structure their processes so that positions which solely seek to improve and protect the environment are created (Gloudeman, 2018).

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